Pornstar ArianaMarieXo as featured on Nightline

‘Nightline’ Shares Adult Webcams News Stories

In case you missed it, on May 25th 2017 an episode of ‘Nightline’, which is a popular ABC TV news program, aired a story titled, ‘Cam couples’ share their own interactive porn via webcam for money’. This news program segment, reported by Juju chang and Candice Gibson covered the booming adult webcams industry. Below is a short 7 minute video segment of the episode of ‘Nightline’ that shares the stories of few different adult webcam performers.

Pornstar ArianaMarieXo as featured on episode of, ‘Nightline’ that discussesed internet modeling.


The overall message of the program seemed to be that the face of modern adult entertainment is rapidly changing; something most of us already know, but mainstream news has been slow to report. Most adult performers these days start by camming, and many of them never enter the traditional porn sphere or record videos that will be available at neighborhood porn stores. These days, as most of our readers already know, it all happens online; and most of the time adult entertainment happens live.

With that said, more and more cam models are recording clips and selling these clips at popular adult clip selling sites. However, a large segment of adult webcam models also believe doing so cannibalizes sales of their main product; live shows, so they try to avoid having any pre-recording content of them available anywhere online.

Anyway here is a short video segment of the episode of ‘Nightline’ covering camming.

A few interesting takeaways:

1. According to ‘Nightline’ adult webcam sites are more popular than the New York Times. In this editors opinion that says more about the New York Times than it does about adult cams.
2. ArianaMarieXo of MFC as well as cam couple, ‘Peppermint & Dusty’ of Chaturbate; were interviewed had positive experiences about being performers on live webcams. Porn star ArianaMarieXo of MFC brought up the benefits of work stability as well as other positive aspects of her profession.
3. “A high level of interactivity and intimacy” were said to be the reasons why so many people were opting to becoming cam models versus pursuing a career as a porn star.

With that being said, perhaps cam models are the porn stars? Is that why all the ‘Porn Stars’ at a ‘Porn Convention’ seem to be over 40? Is that why when you ask a 20 something guy to name their favorite porn star they will give you the name of a cam model? Say it ain’t so?

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