LiveJasmin model income calculator

How LiveJasmin Model Income Calculator Works

Have you ever seen the ultra cool LiveJasmin model income calculator? If not you really should check it out as it’s a great internet modeling resource for webcam models at one of the top cam sites.

LiveJasmin has a more unique and detailed webcam modelling payment system than all the other camming sites out there. They have a 6 tier system that pays models a percentage based off of they’re earnings. Here is a screenshot of the LiveJasmin model income calculator.

How Much Money Cam Girls are Making on LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin model income calculator

The first tier is for the Aspiring camgirl. Models in this tier make less than $100 per pay period and are offered 30% of their earnings. The second tier is the Accomplished model. These models make between $100-$300 per pay period and are offered 35% of that. The third tier is for the Famous models. These models make between $300-$650 per pay cycle and get to keep 40% of their total earnings. Then the Star tier. I feel this is where most cam models fall if they put it in even a small amount of work. These models make between $650-$1500 in a single pay period and get to keep 45% of their earnings. If you put in a bit of effort, you could very well find yourself in the Superstar tier. Superstars make between $1500-$2500 per pay period, and get to keep up to 50% of their total earnings.

The online casino income calculator is very important because this way everyone can count on the amounts for LiveJasmin models. LiveJasmin with a unique and detailed payment system will indicate to Canadian online casino players the allowable amount for models on cam sites. The 6-tier system pays models a percentage based on the earnings of online casino players and there is also a screenshot of the LiveJasmin income calculator for online casino players.

LiveJasmin Model Income Calculator Projects Your Income

Here is the live tool called the LiveJasmin model income calculator and you can input your age and sex and planned hours to see what they estimate you would make as a webcam model at LiveJasmin.

The last tier is for those models who put in extreme effort and utilize most, if not all, of the tools given to them. They put in extra effort into charming and entertaining their audience, are always posting new content for their fans, and are showing their appreciation to dedicated followers with shout outs and prizes. The hardworking models who reach this tier are called Legends. They make over $2500 per pay period and they get to keep 60% of their earnings.
But do not be mistaken into thinking that 60% is the highest amount of earnings you can receive. LiveJasmin also helps models get more income, claiming you can earn as much as 80% of your earnings, by being apart of their Affiliate Program.

By using the Affiliate Program, models are able to share a link to entice other models into joining LJ, and in return, you make 20% of their earnings for as long as they cam! You do not have to do anything to get this money and it is not taken from the models that sign up using your links. So if you decide to join LiveJasmin as a cam girl, make sure you are taking advantage of this easy cash flow opportunity!

Also keep in mind the contrary to what type of cam girls you may have seen on LiveJasmin, LiveJasmin is the largest webcam sex site in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

working on livejasmin
AngelPurpleXx is a model working on working on livejasmin. Models from all parts of the world use this platform due to their focus on tech.

Modeling on LiveJasmin

Their also the most technologically advanced as far as the overall user experience at As a result more independent and free spirited American cam girls are deciding to host they live sex cams shows at this platform. Consider trying it for awhile to compare but do be ready to meet their HD sex cams standards by having super fast feeds and a higher end webcam set up at home. The cam model registration for livejasmin cams is here. As far as getting started as a LiveJasmin webcam model it’s a 15 minute process from start to finish.

You may also want to consider helping the models who sign up with you. By giving them a few useful tips and a bit of encouragement, you could be helping them make more money while on cam. The more money they make, the more money you make! Like all things, the more effort you put into webcam modelling, the more money you can expect to make. Or if you’re happy with settling for a decent wage from a job that allows you to work from home, feel free to stick around in the Star tier! The joy of working for yourself is that you decide how much you are going to make! Also make sure to check out more LiveJasmin news or read our complete LiveJasmin reviews and also take a look at our internet modeling comparison chart to see what the various camming sites are currently paying cam models. Currently LiveJasmin is ranked 2nd in our list of Best live sex sites.

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