Grant Amato Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Murder Over A Webcam Model

Grant Amato is awaiting trial in prison for the murder of his parents and brother in Chuluota, Florida. What was his motive for the murders? Police believe it was all over Bulgarian webcam model, Silviya Ventsislavova.

According to police records, Grant was sending his online beloved thousands of dollars in tokens as well as beautiful gifts which she would pose and tease him in. He reportedly spent a thousand dollars at a time to buy tokens that he would spend on Silviya. Where did he get all this money from? Apparently he stole it from his mom, dad, and brother. After his family had enough of his cam addiction and familial robbery, they gave him a choice; give up the girl or get out.

Grant Amato Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Grant Amato Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
murdered cam girl
Silviya Ventsislavova

But zero contact with Silviya was not the only requirements for being allowed to stay home. A two paged letter written by the family was found among Grant’s possessions. In the letter, the family outlined many rules he would have to follow including no internet access after midnight, the money he stole needed repaid in full, the family would no longer fund his webcam addiction, he would have to get a job, and a sincere apology needed to be given to the entire family. Sounds like the family wanted what everyone wants for their child, to grow up and support himself. Grant agreed to the terms of staying home, though his family even stated in the letter their doubt about him fulfilling all their demands due to his lack of “real feelings”.

They should have listened to their gut and kicked the lowlife out of the house. After a short time, the family found out that Grant was still chatting with “Sylvie” so they told him to get out. They had enough of it and he had been warned. Instead of packing his belongings and hitting the streets, Grant fool-heartedly believed he had a better idea. On January 25, 2019, the day after the argument, Chad, Margaret, and Cody Amato were all found dead, shot to death in their own home. That is not even the worst of it! Grant then had the audacity to try to claim the life insurance policy his parents had on themselves. Does this guy have even an ounce of intelligence? He obviously didn’t have any empathy!

Grant Amato is now sitting in the Seminole County Jail to wait for his trial in July. He is being charged with 3 counts of premeditated murder. If he is convicted, he will be facing execution. The judge gave him a $750,000 bond, none of which is allowed to be procured from his murdered family’s estate. Since he didn’t have a job or any money of his own due to his addiction to his online lover, we can expect, at the very least, for Grant to be sitting behind bars until his trial date. With any luck, we won’t have to worry about him on the streets ever again!

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