MissPuckBunny Contest

New Cam Models Contest MissPuckBunny Connects Hockey Fans

Miss Puck Bunny is a new contest for cam models that takes place during the duration of the NHL Playoffs and connects cam models with hockey fans in what seems to be a cool and engaging way. The site MissPuckBunny.com is careful to share that of course it is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the NHL or any official NHL teams. With that being said it’s another great way for live webcam models to engage with their fans, possibly win some money, and have fun while doing so. It should also be noted that this cam models contest is also operated by the same entity that has the Cammy Awards, another cam models contest held in January of each year.MissPuckBunny

According to their official website these are the rules:

Models are playing with their favorite teams and earn 5 wins in the standings every time their team wins a SERIES!

Models that want to be successful in the contest will rely on recruiting as many fans as possible to make successful NHL picks throughout the playoffs. Fans can make their picks on the PLAY NOW page! Each correct SERIES pick counts as 5 wins in the standing! Fans are allowed to buy a series scorecard to make picks for every series happening (this gives your model a huge advantage). The model with the most wins at the end of the Stanley Cup Finals will be crowned as 2016 Miss Puck Bunny! The winning model & her #1 ranked fan will each receive a SMC Prize Wheel Spin ($100-$1000 value on Amazon.com).

Fans & models are allowed to each have one season pass for the full length of the NHL Playoffs (until your team is eliminated). Having a season pass automatically enters you into every series that your team participates in. Even if your season pass team gets eliminated, you can continue participating in the contest by making correct predictions for other series. MissPuckBunny.com is integrated with SocialMediaCrown.com with lots of prizes this season (see prizes page for full breakdown)!

Series Win = 5 total wins + 50,000 total SMC Points!
Wins and points are only awarded for winning a series!

Fans can select any female model with a Twitter account to play for (fans are not limited to the models featured on this website. Only willing models will be pictured on the website). Fans are encouraged to work as a team to help their favorite model to win (although only the #1 fan of the winning model will win a prize of their own). When a fan makes a correct series pick, they earn 5 wins for their model in the standings + 50,000 SMC Points in the standings for the monthly Social Media Crown title & prize. Fans also earn SMC Points for their model every single time they buy-in! View the STANDINGS page throughout the season to see how your model is doing in both contests (Miss Puck Bunny & the monthly Miss SMC contest).

Fans can play in every ongoing series at once by filling out a scorecard. Each fan can play one scorecard during the 1st round, 2 during the 2nd, 3 during the 3rd, and 4 during the finals (this is done by adjusting the quantity during your order. You cannot play with two teams that are playing head-to-head against each other). Tweet @AdultModelNewswith any questions. Judges have final say in all scoring decisions and have ability to add rules to improve the contest where seen fit.

MissPuckBunny Contest

Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck to all the 2016 contestants for Miss Puck Bunny. You can follow MissPuckBunny on Twitter @misspuckbunny. You can also discuss this contest and share your experiences in the contests this year in the Cam Models Social Network Discussion Forum for this particular contest here at CammerZ.com.

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