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MyFreeCams Model Bree Olson Fights Benzodiazapines Addiction

Former porn actress and now MyFreeCams webcam star Bree Olson has recently been the focus of many news stories after speaking out about her experiences and personal struggles via a YouTube video interview titled, “The Story of Bree Olson”. 

bree olson real women real stories
Olson fights back tears during the emotional interview.

In the recent video interview (below) Olson expressed her frustrations about how people in our society treat female adult actresses as well as how she was treated from within the porn industry itself.

The primary message she expresses in the video is that stigma from her career as a female porn actress and involvement with Charlie Sheen has had lasting and negative consequences on her life; thus resulting in people forming negative impressions of her personal character.  Here is the full video.

What is perhaps even more interesting than the interview and subsequent public reaction itself is what Olson did next. She publicly confessed her addiction to Benzodiazapines, a dangerous and addictive drug commonly referred to as ‘Benzo’s via GoFundMe. On that GoFundMe drive she publicly asks for help. Benzodiazapines, for those that may not know are typically used for treatment of panic disorders. These drugs widely known to be addictive and are dangerous as a result. Most would agree that the method Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) chose to share her struggle is indicative of someone looking to steer themselves in a direction to overcome a drug addiction. Olsen posted the GoFundMe page on April 14th, 2016 where she asks fans for help covering the high costs of in-patient treatment. She estimates her total costs to be around $100,000. According to a widely cited authority on the topic, the costs of in-patient drug treatment centers typically run between $10,000 to $20,000 per month; thus indicating her estimates are not unreasonable considering the length of time most candidates need to complete in-patient drug addiction treatment to be successful.

Bree Olson rehab
Bree Olson in earlier days

However, the story here that is in some ways more interesting than the initial story itself, is that some reputable news sources have mocked Bree Olsons attempt to get treatment while others have accused her of being a hyprocrite in her video interviews. Some have even suggested that asking for help via a GoFundMe drive is not the reasonable actions of a responsible adult. It would seem that Bree Olson is sharing some very personal insights that are very real and based on her own experiences as a porn actress; in addittion to trying to get help for a drug addiction.

On the GoFundMe page Bree Olson states that costs unrelated to the treatment she is footing the bill for herself with the sale of certain personal assets. Therefore, she approaches this struggle in a way anyone would who is accepting responsbility for her own actions, while also asking for help from her fans. GoFundMe is commonly used by people to ask for help with medical costs such as drug addiction treatment.

The GoFundMe page has raised nearly $10,000.00 in backing from more than 175 people within a single day. Share your comments about this story in this thread at the Social Network for Webcam Models.

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