The Golden Bars Robbery Crack the Vault

Pussycash Live Webcam Affiliate Programs Launch Huge Promo!

Today Pussycash announced a special promotion for affiliate marketing professionals. The promo is called, ‘The Golden Bars Robbery -Crack the Vault!’ This promo is last until Dec 31, 2016

Here is what the press release reads, “After our last affiliates campaign, people are wondering if we’ll be able to outdo ourselves…Get ready for PussyCash to blow your minds!” The Golden Bars Robbery Crack the Vault

“We’ve stashed away $10,000 in the PussyCash vault – and are challenging our affiliates to steal their way in to get their loot!” “They’ll promote the top PussyCash brands, hit their targets and grab those Gold Bars!”,,,,, and are the leading brands offered by Pussycash that this applies to.

Specifically, up to $100 for every 3rd  sign-up – IN ADDITION to the PPS payouts is on offer! This means you can get a total of $350 per ImLive sign up for your cams registrations. For more details;  (Payouts are for sign-ups on PC, mobile & tablet)

Pussycash is one of the most respected programs in the live webcams indutry and their affiliate programs are also some of the most lucrative for webmasters. You can register to become a Pussycash affiliate here and make money each time someone signs up for,,,,, and

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