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Verge (XVG) Partnership with MindGeek Expands to TrafficJunky

Verge cryptocurrency which currently has a market capitalization of $1,120,688,282 (as of May 10th 2018) appears to be cementing its position as the #1 adult industry cryptocurrency with it’s recent strategic partnership with TrafficJunky; an announcement made by closely associated company MindGeek who too accepts Verge cryptocurrency. For those that do not know what TrafficJunky is, it is one of the worlds largest adult advertising portals which is essentially an arm of MindGeek, the single largest adult entertainment company in the world. MindGeek has their hands in virtually every aspect of adult entertainment including adult webcams.

MindGeek anoints Verge currency as the top adult industry cryptocurrency.

What is Verge cryptocurrency & Why is it a Good Fit for Adult Entertainment

Originally called DogeCoinDark, Verge cryptocurrency was rebranded in 2016 and found themselves unique positioned a low market cap privacy coin that was quick on its feet. Known by the short code is VXG, the official Verge website is at but what you need to know is Verge currency is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency which offers anonymous transactions. That is a big deal.

verge cryptocurrency is positioned as the leading adult entertainment industry cryptocurrency.


What makes this particular cryptocurrency very ideal for adult entertainment is they offer an optional way to hide IP addresses and geolocation which makes the transaction untraceable. Of course their market position and unique privacy coin uses are ideal for just about everything, not just adult entertainment and that is what positions Verge currency so well. Therefore, it should be no surprise that in a decision that could have long-lasting ramifications for the entire industry as well as others, MindGeek established Verge as the leading adult industry cryptocurrency overnight.

NEXT QUESTION: When will Verge Currency Be Accepted on Adult Webcam Sites?

While the news that the behemoth of adult entertainment, MindGeek had partnered with Verge cryptocurrency clearly cements its position as the clear leading candidate for widespread adoption by adult entertainment sites, the next big prize would naturally be the top adult webcam sites. Some of the leading adult webcam sites use independent payment processors to accept various cryptocurrencies, but none so far accept Verge XVG directly yet. This includes the PornHubLive cams site from PornHub, a MindGeek owned site. However, the reason for this is that PornHubLive is actually a white label copy of Streamate which is owned by a separate company called ICF Technology. At least for now you will have to use your dollars for adult webcams chat at most of the worlds biggest adult video chat sites. However, once the companies that own these sites start to see the benefits of lower processing costs and no charge backs than it’s just a matter of time before all the top adult webcam sites start to accept Verge XVG directly (or so we suspect). Verge cryptocurrency can currently be used for paid memberships and other services at PornHub as well as to buy advertising at TrafficJunky. You can purchase cryptocurrency at Binance, the world largest cryptocurrency exchange. However, since Binance does not accept fiat currency the process is to first set up a Coinbase account, fund that with a debit card or wire, buy Ethereum or LiteCoin and then transfer that to Binance to convert it into Verge cryptocurrency. We went through the steps it was fairly quick and easy. Anyway, let’s all stay tuned to see which adult webcam site is first to start accepting Verge currency directly.


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