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Pornhub To Launch Site Like ManyVids, one of the top free porn clip sites on the planet has announced plans to launch a cam model clip selling site & service off their massive free porn tube site. This has been welcome news to many cam models whose content is posted on Pornhub, often not by themselves but those using that content for their own gain. For cam models who may not be aware of it, for a number of years now Pornhub has had the ability for content creators to create a profile and share their own videos in exchange for a number of perks such as a dedicated performer page and back links to cam shows and websites. Pornhub has a ‘model of the month’, ‘Popular Verified’, and ‘Most Subscribed’ section in their highly active and quickly growing porn hub community section. It’s interesting adult news anytime a site like Pornhub (parent company Mindgeek) who has not so warm history with adult performers, but now appears to be a leader in connecting performers with fans. It’s also interesting to note that this new feature will have a 80% payout to models minus processing fees and that Pornhub plans to offer lots of exciting marketing tools as well.

Pornhub clip selling for cam models is a new service.

Pornhub Clip Selling Site for Cam Models Maybe a Game Changer

The PornHub blog was where it was first announced that a platform for cam girls (and all adult entertainers) will soon be on offer where performers can sell custom videos direct to fans. It is important to note that currently ManyVids is the leading clip selling site for cam models and just a few actual adult webcam sites such as, have offered this service to webcam models. Many of the top adult cam sites have been apprehensive (or so it would seem) to enter the market of recorded adult content in any fashion, even if that content produces more income opportunities for cam girls. Perhaps this can be attributed a reliance on the opinion that recorded videos may cannibalize the sales of live cam shows which are the main offerings of the most popular adult webcam sites, or maybe it’s just that they have been slow to react to the demand.

Cam Girl Recorded Video Sales are at All Time Highs

The fact is that cam models are selling recorded videos to loyal fans at a higher rate than ever and the market for custom videos has also grown by leaps and bounds. This is most likely due to the fact that fans see value in deepening their connections to their favorite cam models and live cam models in turn benefit from a income stream that is not reliant upon them being online to generate that income.

ManyVids has a new competitor with PornHub a free adult tube site that gets far more traffic.

Likewise, many cam models would point out that selling recorded videos to their fans also can develop more loyalty with the customer for future live cam shows on that platform. 

PornHub Clip Selling Site Challenges ManyVids

ManyVids, the current leading site for cam girls to sell recorded videos has been very active over 2018 with their marketing efforts such as MV Magazine, MV Takeover, and their constant ManyVids contests.

This is an interesting space and worth watching as it develops. The fact is, clip selling sites for cam models is a backdoor service for cam model recruitment and a loyalty building step for PornHub with the most prolific adult entertainers of our time. Will their be a another attempt at a proprietary adult webcam site down the line for PornHub parent company MindGeek. Only time will tell?

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