Camerolla Offers Adult Webcam Studios Exciting Tools

Today we are sharing a recent press release from Camerolla software. Camerolla is offering a really neat tool for adult webcam studios. Full details below…

Camerolla – high tech tools for studios

  •             Do you want to learn how to increase your studio’s income?
  •             Would you love to learn how to control your camming business more efficiently?
  •             For 4 years, Camerolla is helping cam studios increase their ROI.

    Camerolla software screenshots


Back like 10 years ago, almost all cam studios in the world were operating their business with small requirements and almost no advanced business strategies. Usually one would have needed a few computers, a few work rooms, a few webcams and at the end models, in order to make money in the adult industry. We remember that back in 2008, you wouldn’t even need professional photos for the models…

But the technology has changed a lot, it evolved a lot – and so the industry evolved as well.

Camerolla is a brand built with the efforts of ChatLive studio’s CEO, Sebi Onofrei, a software architect with experience in the adult industry technology; back in 2006 he was the architect of MonsterEncoder (a multi-server software hive for re-encoding videos for online playback, in some fashion similar to what YouTube/Vimeo are doing today) and an important asset in the JamOnCam platform (a software solution for building cam-sites). Then also started his own cam studio back in 2008. Having a camgirls studio and fighting for higher profit and incomes, raised the idea and the need for a professional software and this way Camerolla had started to get a shape.

Camerolla’s software apps have suffered many changes in the past 8 years, but starting with 2014 when we had our first clients (NightProwl studio with which we partnered at that time in creating this software solution, CharmGroup and a few more) the apps met the stable stage and ever since, we only see evolution, most of the times even from a month to another.

Today (in 2018) we are happy to have a little over 40 happy customers (studios), who actively use our software to its maximum potential. If you want a few simple stats, please note that Camerolla is at this moment powering up 940 active models and 330 staff accounts. And as a side note, it managed (since 2014) almost 50 million $ of generated income (as stated by our internal database records).

Camerolla software screenshots

So to keep things simple, Camerolla is everything a studio needs in order to function properly and be successful (profitable).

If we’d do an exercise of imagination and try to think what a studio needs to “just” function, at first thought you might think that it only needs models, staff, computers and webcams.

But for being a successful business this is far from true, it needs a lot more, and Camerolla provides a tool for almost any trivial need, and especially in what means business management. But let’s only think about a few key situations, and see if there’s already a tool for that from Camerolla:

  • Passwords! Every studio works with at least 1 camsite. And for each camsite, they have the studio account, and then, for each model account, passwords. How would you optimize the business? Share the passwords on paper notes? Of course, there are solutions like RoboForm or other password fillers… but the process is not automated. For example with RoboForm you have to create “folders” with the camsites for each model, and share them somehow on all computers, and then instruct the model to use her folder. But what if the model will actually use a colleague’s folder, just to peek inside her camsites? Camerolla makes things really simple for both models and staff, because the data gets automatically filled-in, with no need to remember anything. And it works on both PC and mobile 🙂
  • Browsers and PC settings! Many studios work with only one camsite, which is perfect. But the majority of them work in multi-site environment and we have solved the conflicts generated by Adobe’s Flash a long time ago. Camerolla’s performer app makes the browsers work smooth and with no conflicts. We even automatically configure and prepare external apps (like JasminCam, PerformerApp of Flirt4Free, JustCamIt of AdultWork, etc)
  • Communication! There should be a lot of communication between staff and models and we offer at least a few solutions, each with its important role:
    • an instant messenger app which is great for instant chat support. The studio can decide if models are allowed to talk with each other or not, and all conversations are mailed on a daily basis to studio’s staff. Of course, a studio could set-up their own server with an instant messenger app… but that requires a server and management of the app. Why bother when we offer this already?
    • a tool to “listen” to model’s microphone, in order to assist on her private chats when she is using voice a lot instead of typing
    • 2 internal forums, one for staff and one for models. In models’ forum, there is an “announcements” section where all published topics will also be shown in the performer app, so the model will be notified about their existance
    • internal mailbox which is meant for private offline messages, functioning like a real e-mails box.
    • info pages for both staff and models, where one can publish important tutorials, which will show-up in the left sidebar (menu) of the app
    • phrases tool – a place where the studio can “define” catch phrases that models can use easily with a single mouse click, and to use them in camsites to attract members in private
  • Incomes! Yes, a studio can very well function using Excel files or cloud documents such as Google drive or whatever. But why would you complicate your life so much when things can be better? And that’s not all there:
    • automated earnings discovery. This is a feature that automatically detects earnings at specific intervals on 90% of the camsites that we support. However, due to the fact that this process is automatic by software, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, perhaps 98% accuracy
    • payments, with a few important key features: payslips, invoices automatically generated and managed by the platform, loans management, bonuses, etc
    • wall of fame for things like earnings, time spent online, efficiency, bonuses, etc
    • and should we tell you that you can always navigate in the past to re-assess your performance? Even comparing earnings from December 2016 with earnings from December 2017 is possible in Camerolla (or other useful scenarios)
  • Scheduling! A studio should know when some model will come online and at which hour, in which room, etc. Camerolla takes care of everything but even more: monitors the model’s activity while in a shift, letting you know if she’s online or in a break; on some camsites the platform also tells you if the model in in private or in freechat, etc
  • Reviews and employee evaluations. The software allows the staff to write evaluations of models’ performance. Any part of the evaluation can also be shared with the model (so she’ll know what to improve for next shift) but most importantly, this tool helps the studio’s staff to understand their models and help them earn more money
  • Documents! The app lets you save the model’s documents, unlimited. This way the data will be accessible at any time by any of your staff.
  • Roles and access rights! In a chaotic environment, how would you give access to some information to somebody while keeping it secret to others? Camerolla makes it possible that you can have even the driver with a user in this software and you can give this driver access only to the scheduler for example, so will know who to pick-up and at which hour 🙂
  • FMLE or OBS encoders? These are apps that some websites use, which are very hard to understand for studio’s models. Our software makes the apps easy, usually configurable with only 2-3 mouse clicks. And let us tell you that we also provide visual effects in OBS for Chaturbate for example 🙂 with video transitions and all that nice stuff
  • Social media needs? Almost all studios and independent models also have at least one social media account where they promote their persona, their activity. In studios things could be even more advanced, where a studio might have 1 or more persons taking care of the social media content. For such scenarios, they need content form the models. That is why Camerolla has added this functionality in the mobile app. A model simply takes a photo (or chooses one from the gallery) and sends it to the software. The software (based on roles and rights) will know to whom to show the images that the models uploaded.
  • And so many more features… we’d need at least a few pages to talk about them all.

While the software is licensed for a fee every month (payable though every 3, 6 or 12 months), Camerolla has also provided for almost over 1 year the whole software package for free to independent Romanian cam models (and has plans to also release it for international independent cam models as well). The software is available for free at, where they manage their work as they want, but in a professional environment. Camerolla proves to be a product that should be a must-have for any professional individual. If you’re curious, you can navigate to Camerolla’s website and play with the demo.

You can also discuss this software at the Adult Webcams B2b forum in the adult webcam studio discussions group.

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