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Xcamy Should be Called xScammy!

We blow the whistle on xcamy a scammy copycat site which just regurgitates cam girls from chaturbate and serves up flingster random cam chat. See the full review here.

Xcamy became popular for the very first time two years back and I have been meaning to take the time to write and share with readers what xcamy is all about. I wish I had a more positive list of things to share but this is a review of necessity to warn others about the deception of xcamy.com.

In the race of what’s the best random video chat app, Xcamy just does not stand a chance. 🙂 Moreover, this webcam site goes as far as trying to trick users on what they even offer. 

First off, is another one of these fucking scary random nude video chat sites. We have been testing out the so-called top random cam sites for a very long time. Most of them are in fact duplicate sites actually with just different brand names of logos over the top.

That is exactly what is going on at xcamy.com as well. 

Xcamy ranking 232960 (to date) in Alexa and one of the newest video roulette sites compared to MyFreeCams. MFC is legit though and the same cannot be said for this site.

xcamy girls are just the girls from Chaturbate and if you look close the logo in the upper right-hand corner that is still visible on xcamy is a dead-giveaway!

Xcamy offers three types of webcam chatrooms like random cams, cam girls, and live cams. However, what you see on the landing page is a cloned version of Flingster. If you take that bait that is when they try to sell you more services that are NOT free. Some of the same top cam sites that we go into great detail in our cam site reviews they have overlayed their own logo over the top over.

Sheisty Cam Fuckers!

Xcamy tried to alter the idea of random video chat through different engagement paths. We tried Xcamy features and found some creepy things which flagged the site as fake and clone over an original site. They don’t even do a good job trying to fake people out either. Anyway taking a closer look can see what they are up to.

Clearly, once you see any cam site is just a duplicate site it is always best to go to the source site itself.

I have listed out the xcamy pros and cons closely while explaining each section here in our Xcamy.com review. Guys loved to see naked girls and Xcamy just hopes you are completely new to the whole nude video chat experience so they can sucker you in. Let me explain but before I do, just remember that if you want to read reviews on the real and original platforms you can see them all under our cam site reviews.

Xcamy Overview

Before marking Xcamy a sham and a fake platform to video chat with strangers, I would like to ask for your attention to the live cams window on their site.

They are using the Chaturbate logo and the entire site database just on the top of the Xcamy logo.

“Interactive Porn Cams – Better than Porn” this slogan at Xcamy for anonymous video chat pervs is about the extent of what they offer since the whole experience is essentially a white label and redirect play.

Categories like the mainstream chat random sites and free sex cams are the real plus for Xcamy. The real tricky stuff going on here is how they use iframes and other webmaster tricks to lead users to believe that the offering is actually real when in fact its a widely known platform powering this site called Chaturbate.com.

All xcamy is doing is applying a new set of text content that is being shown over the top via xcamy.com.

If you ever see a site called xcamy.com just realize it’s not what it seems.

Xcamy Features

Xcamy incorporated the “random video chat” function but it is not solely a video roulette site to be claimed. We discussed a few unique features of Xcamy.com.

  • No registration charges to watch and join in a video chat with strangers.
  • Fast loading interface redirecting to live stream window.
  • Talk to strangers video category is totally a flaw, you will be redirected forcefully to their featured random cam chat pages.
  • Interactive live webcam porn and interaction method is through tokens converted to teledildonics vibration to control the models’ actions.
  • Customized porn cam experience.
  • Easy navigation under each category to find the solution and satisfaction you are looking in a random video call over the cam.

Xcamy Costs

Private chat rooms are not available in free accounts. Pay $20.99 and book your spot as a premium member. Additional $19.95 per month for ads free chatroom.

Costs are divided into segments by token numbers and each package offers bonus value.

Xcamy accepts credit/debit cards, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, and an affiliate commission-based referral program for earning tokens.

typical token-based chat system and you can refill anytime you wish to.

In short, it is not worthy to spend such amount while other chat random sites are offering random video call at $2 burger price.

xcamy review
We hope you find our xcamy review refreshingly honest because it is! (Here is the home page so you can see what is going on first hand)

Findings & Summary

Honestly, let me tell you Xcamy is just using their brand name and a collab service from other original platforms. Random chat section is powered by Flingster, whereas cam girls and live cams sections are the feed from Chaturbate (review at this link).

We always try to notify cam users to stay away from scam sites and always choose the original sites. That is the purpose comes into real for Xcamy as well.

Chaurbate.com is a real place where you can find beautiful cam girls from different time zones. Chaturbate offers a free webcam chatroom and allows you to join random video chat with strangers under a safeguarded certified place.

I should also share another site like Chaturbate you should check out is called StripChat (review at that link). Their official site is located at StripChat.com as well.

Xcamy has a lot of room to improve but until they change their core plan of introducing a safe and legit random chat platform I cannot in good conscious suggest this random nude webcam site.

Hence, we can conclude Xcamy is pretty average considering the factors we discussed above. As a result, we suggest checking imlive and LiveJasmin (reviews at this link) to fulfill the desire of chatting with strangers.

You are going to have WAY more FUN at legit safe cam to cam sex sites vs xcamy!

Finally, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you read our list of the best cam to cam sex sites.

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