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Affects of rel=”noreferrer noopener” – Cam Affiliate Programs

For those of you who may not be aware of this, the latest version of WordPress, version 4.74 (which was just released and is auto-updated on millions of websites) will add a line of code to all your outbound links you set any link to open in a new page. The code looks like this: rel=”noreferrer noopener”. If you are an affiliate marketer of adult webcams or anything for that matter the question you should all be asking is what is the impact of my outbound affiliate marketing links? Are they or are they not being tracked?

Are any Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs tracking ability going to be affected by the rel=”noopener noreferrer” in latest version of WordPress?

Unfortunately, I cannot answer this question for all adult webcam affiliate programs, at least not yet. However, has a really insightful post on how this may or may not impact your outbound affiliate traffic which I suggest you read. Essentially it comes down to what type of tracking the different adult webcam affiliate programs are using; or how they track inbound traffic. That article also shares how you can disable this new functionality on your WordPress powered site.

Apparently, if you are use an affiliate program that tracks affiliate click-through via a query string parameter, you can safely allow the rel=”noopener noreferrer” code on your links. However, it pays to check with your affiliate program and make sure your sales are tracking either way with this big new automated change to how WordPress alters the outbound links for you. Again, there is also a number of ways to remove this code which you can easily find online.

However, if you can confirm your affiliate partners are tracking with this code in place it’s wise to keep the rel=”noopener noreferrer” code on your WordPress powered site because it does offer some benefits as well.

We are individually checking with the top adult webcam affiliate programs and we will update this post as we learn more. Likewise, we hope to share a list of affiliate programs soon that maybe impacted by keeping the rel=”noopener noreferrer” code on your WordPress powered site. If in fact there are any affiliate programs that may not play nice with this code in place?

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UPDATED: 5/29/2017 – Replies from Reps at Top Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs

I wrote to the 7 largest adult webcam affiliate programs online to see what the affiliate managers said and if their programs would be in any way impacted if webmaster using WordPress sites post version 4.74 with the rel=”noopener noreferrer” code whereby the referring domain is not tracked when the link is being opened in a new window. I will update this post daily as each affiliate representative gets back to us and then post them in the order they replied.

  • CamSoda Affiliate Program is not impacted and tracks just fine with in this scenario – Thanks Daron! (You can register for CamSoda Affiliate Program here.)
  • Mtree Affiliate Program which is Streamate tracks still under these conditions – Thanks Mtree Support (You can register for Streamate Affiliate Program here.)
  • UPDATED: We dropped the XLoveCash Affiliate Program
  • LiveJasmin presents no issues with this configuration of opening new window under conditions above either – Thank you Bence (You can register for the LiveJasmin Affiliate Program here.)
  • BongaCams is problem free as well with the changed to WordPress –  Thank you Denny. (You can register for the BongaCams Affiliate program here.)
  • Flirt4Free tracks just fine as well in the scenario outlined above due to the referring site not being necessary, but just the affiliate code. Thank you Kimi (You can register for the Flirt4Free affiliate program here.)
  • Lastly, StripChat got back to us and their program is not impacted; thus it appears most of the top adult webcam affiliate programs are so modern they’ve already moved to systems that track around just the referring url.  Thanks Kay for letting us know on StripChat. (You can register for the stripchat affiliate program at StripCash.)
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