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Free Chat Sites Are Booming During the Pandemic

As a result of Covid-19 free chat sites are seeing an influx of new customers. this should be no surprise though as at home entertainment services are what people currently use to occupy much of their newfound free time. However, some might find it interesting that more of their friends and neighbors are up to some good fun chatting online at some rather hot cam sites!

It is as simple as this. What do you get hundreds of millions of people are all at home at once? The net effect is that many people are taking notice of adult webcam sites to meet their socialization needs.

girls on webcam
Girls on webcam are seeing lots of traffic during this time.

As a result of the mass of people at home with more available time and less available social outlets, many new people are discovering the value of live sex cam sites. Sites of this nature are growing overnight, even more than they already have. Be it new cam girls or just loads of new viewers and users, free video chat sites are hitting on all cylinders at the current time.

People Are Using Sex Cams More than Usual During Coronavirus

As global financial markets decline by large percentages and airline travel comes to a near-complete halt, free chat sites like Chaturbate (reviews at that link),, and Streamate (reviews at that link) are seeing huge bumps in users.

Covid-19 free chat
As a result of Covid-19 free chat has become a more common activity on the web!

Modern-day video chat sites typically offer a blend of business models that all center around live sex. Live only in the context though of happening now and where users get to play a role, but not actually in person. When you have so many millions of people discouraged from dating and going out to bars this is bound to happen.

More people are sexually frustrated at the current time and feel those pent up tensions which they want to and are working out online.

This is a safe place and we can just come right out and say it, record numbers of people are masturbating on webcam right now as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, others want someone to just chat free online with; someone they feel they are interested in; sexually or otherwise. Cheap cam sites being the dominant types of chat websites and the most interactive form of adult chat, they, of course, stand to gain the most from the current coronavirus outbreak.

Free Chat Sites Are Semi-Recession-Proof

Porn and the adult industry as a whole are relatively immune to economic downturns because as people get laid off they tend to want to get laid more. They consume more paid sex services and products as a whole. Be it premium porn sites (a dying industry) or the current generation of internet porn; live sex webcam shows, porn usage goes up in rough times.

Cam girls can suffer often though with lower demand when balanced against the level of competition from more women stripping for money on the web. The same goes for male webcam performers. Webcam entertainers are finding that their currently being asked more than ever about how to become a cam girl as well as which cam sites pay the most. We expect to see record numbers of new webcam girls in the coming weeks.

Some of the winners economically speaking from the coronavirus are:

free chat websites
Free chat websites are a part of the entertainment industry that has been a winner during the current Coronavirus crisis.
  1. remote learning
  2. lifestyle and wellness products and services
  3. grocery delivery

…and again, entertainment. In perhaps the biggest way free chat sites. Of course, the method by which free chat sites make money is to entice users (mostly men) to buy credits or tokens to chat with girls on webcam about sex. That is after all the very nature of what most free chat sites are about. While large numbers of video chat websites do not claim to be about sex cams, the fact is that is how most of them monetize and make a profit.

Cam Girls Are Already Practice Social Distancing …And Long Distance Orgasms

taboo adult fetishes
Even the most taboo adult fetishes are on offer at Chaturbate.

As people look for free entertainment online to keep themselves busy during the current pandemic perhaps no other free chat site has seen as many new users at

Chaturbate is a real free adult cams platform where tipping is optional and it’s also an extremely graphic and diverse live sex webcam platform. From inserts to taboo adult fetishes to truly Amateur women on cam, this is the place where most people go. Chaturbate mobile was perhaps what we’d have ranted the most about a few weeks back but now is the time if there ever was one to park yourself in front of your desktop and catch some free live HD porn via cam girl shows at this video chatting website.

Another free cams hot spot during Covid-19, is known across the live sex space as the direct pay leaders. Set it and forget it is the mantra of this low-cost xxx cams platform. Basically, in exchange for proving you are over 18 by leaving a card on file, you get unfettered access to their massive database of women on live webcams stripping. There is never any cost unless you decide to use their premium chat with girls on webcam options. That is clearly marked.

There’s totally free cams chat but of course, the ladies on cam are here for a reason and so make sure to tip and use private 1-on-1 live sex options rather than just waste their time. The typical session costs are around $2-$3 per minute, making for lots of fun for less than the price of a pizza as long as you do not get carried away.

That said you can have fun for hours on end just browsing the nude girls on cam at this popular free chat site. Don’t be surprised to find that waitress from your favorite dinner freelancing here either; it has been known to happen.

For women or men wanting to make some extra money webcam models, you can become a Streamate cam girl by registering here or join Chaturbate at a performer here.

The point is, while the popularity of adult cams has surged massively in the last 10 years, in just the last 10 days the influx of new users to top cam sites has been very noticeable!

At any rate, this is an interesting side effect of coronavirus & social distancing. Let’s all hope this super scary pandemic passes quickly with the most minimal amount of global suffering as possible.

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If you want to learn more about live sex webcam sites and see what sites offer what read the cam site reviews.

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