How to Open a Strip Club

How to Open a Strip Club Virtually & Make Money with Sex Chat Sites

This article will help you understand how to open a strip club that is internet-based from the basic to advanced level as well as present the different ways you can go about doing so.

When one asks how to start a strip club though the process is radically different online from offline and that is the first thing you have to understand. Here we also present the reasons why webcam porn startup is one of the most cutting edge and best adult business opportunities out there right now.

How do we know about this? Well, it’s quite simple really; the reason we know is we use adult webcam affiliate programs to support our work at Adult Webcam News.

As in how we pay for research projects and can afford to write about the latest events in both adult entertainment and the porn business are by sharing lots of great opportunities for webmasters looking to create a porn site and make money online with porn.

make porn
In general, you don’t have to make porn to make money when you start your own strip club or webcam site for adults.

Live cam sites are the most type of porn startups these days to make money online.

What I will explain below though is that what most people will end up wanting to know is how to open a strip club but they just don’t know yet what lots of others do who are making a living online with adult sites. I also included some other guidance as well on starting porn sites that offer live cams.

“Porn’, while it may in fact be what is going on at these sites, it’s still a bit of a misleading word. I will touch more on that later because while the sites we will be referring to are clearly XXX at times but more often the content is merely adult chat of all different types.

Really what you will learn below is how to start a webcam business!

So if you are considering starting your own adult business and want to know how to get started get out your notepads and pay close attention.

When you Open a Strip Club Online Your Job is to Make Porn from User Content & Market it.

First off, this single statement will save you tons of time as a newbie trying to learn how to start a porn site.

They are the sort of things you’ll need to know when starting your research on how to open a strip club.

Once you learn which types of porn startup businesses are the most lucrative you’ll quickly see that interactive adult entertainment sites in particular places with adult cam chat are the types of business that are booming and positioned the best for the future.


The obvious exception is the women who create their own adult content (And yes a few men too). So that is the very first and biggest thing to realize.

Likewise, the idea of how to make porn is much less glamorous than what it might sound like; what most people prefer is the idea of making money with porn and the beauty of the live cams business model is the cam girls provide the real live porn content for you for free; your job is just to market the experience of sex chat with girls on cam.

The Perfect Porn Startup is Creating Your Own Cam Site

Creating your own cam site is where you become the middle man and reap the most profits in porn. Therefore, the bulk of the money to be made in porn these days is by the intermediary between horny men and thirsty women with your own sex chat site; and in particular, one that offers dirty video chat as well.

Those who deliver the services that connect amateur women to men on cam directly over the internet.

Specifically, the people who own live porn sites aka cam sites.

Instead, you should be thinking like a digital marketer and not just asking how to start a porn business. The great news is you’ll be working in a business that nearly sells itself and one where you’ll be searching out opportunities to merely get eyes on your adult site rather than a true pornographer when you decide to start your own live cam site. As in, everybody already knows that sex sells better than nearly any other product or service.

Afterward, you should be asking where can I find solutions in a box or other turnkey ways to sell sexual content.

That is the golden ticket to making money in porn as a digital marketer and the good news is anybody and everybody over 18 is your target market; both male and female.

If you are looking to make money in porn, sex cam sites are the best turnkey adult website businesses to consider these days. 

It’s not just any sexual content though that you should go after; instead, think about adult entertainment businesses where the largest swathes of people are interested in going too. Also keep in mind what drives the highest level of engagement, which sites attract the longest time on site, and what types of adult businesses keep people coming back to use the service that they offer most often. These are what I call the directional signs that lead to the best startups in the porn business.

Once you do your homework most people determine the biggest business opportunity in porn is once again creating your own adult webcam site.

For those of us working on the business side of porn, the obvious answer and what all our research points to is that all sorts xxx video chat is where the action is at and will be for decades to come. Therefore, once you realize all indicators point back to the idea of creating an adult chat site you’ll have a place to start narrowing down your research.

Specifically, creating a video chat site for adults only is something thousands of digital marketers are discovering as a great way to make money in adult entertainment.

porn business
Lots of new people entering the porn business are starting a cam site.

From the most widely known cam sites like Chaturbate to countless other Omegle alternatives, it’s rapidly becoming widely known that the single best business opportunity in porn is building your own adult webcam site.

Live video chat sites or Cam2cam sites for adults basically function like strip clubs online these days. Women strip and masturbate for whatever currency is native to that particular platform. Meanwhile, users (mostly men) buy this currency with real money and then gift tokens or credits to women working on the said cybersex site.

Truth be told such sites now rake in more than outright porn sites do.

Well, today we will review the 3 ways that people are cashing in on cam2cam sex chat online with adult webcam sites.

The pandemic has put a real damper on those looking into how to start a gentlemen’s club business! While commercial space may be abundant due to restaurant closures, the uncertainty of even being able to keep your doors open is a daunting prospect for any new business owner; and this is even more true in heavily regulated businesses like strip clubs.

Live video chat software is another great opportunity when you are looking for a good turnkey adult website business. In fact, a number of popular and rather mainstream webcam sex sites as well as other porn startups have been launched off the backs of such adult video chat software-based projects. Most are not open source so do realize that often modifications of the scripts and software may be limited and you can’t even generally claim ownership over the source code to such solutions.

Nevertheless, they can give you something a lot more unique than the leading adult webcam white label sites.

So just maybe you don’t want to start a porn site after all, but instead, you want to blend starting your own online strip club with creating a sex toy store or something along those lines. By no means is creating an adult webcam site the only profitable niche in the porn business landscape.

There are lots of other types of business like porn fan subscription sites and custom porn video platforms that are blossoming nowadays as well; so we just wanted to introduce you to some of the best porn startup ideas today and let you run with it.

Video Chat and Turnkey Adult Websites are Making Webmasters Lots of Money – These are the Top Solutions to Start Your Own Cam Site

porn startup
The most successful porn startup businesses of the past decade have had a live cams component.

So stop asking how to make porn and start asking what are the best turnkey adult websites you can start. Once you have that information you are going to want to pour yourself some coffee and really look under the hood. What I mean is you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of each method to create your own webcam site for adults.

Let the performers on your SAS or white label webcam platform be the ones asking how to make porn, and you can be the one making a small piece of all of their business on an ongoing basis. Once you learn how to open a strip club on the internet you will be surprised at how appealing this business model is to surfers with time to waste.

  1. ASA Platform for Cam Sex & Software for Adult Webcams
  • ModelNet.Club: One of the most discussed live cam software solutions to create your own adult cam site. They offer customizable designs and navigation as well as full support and even hosting of their software solution. This enables live porn startups to focus on the marketing and management side.

    how to start a cam site
    Many people who started out asking how to start a cam site went with modelnet.

When you are starting your own xxx cam site you really need to think about all the different angles of your business and that can be time-consuming so make sure you choose a partner with a whole host of solutions covering all different angles of starting a new internet-based adult business.

Find this live cams software solution at

  • This adult cam software is another one of the more well-known solutions on the market today with examples that are live and operational with customers and many with some degree of success as well.

They offer adult live streaming webcam software via their flagship xcams software. There are pros and cons to all the solutions we suggest but as far as the best ways to create a live sex cam site one thing to look for is flexibility by offering your own brand.

adult webcam software maker of xcams is an adult webcam software solution provider.

What I mean by this is some people prefer to have webcam models working directly for them and that is a possible outcome of using this live porn software for cams.

That said, yes the design and flow of the site (if compared to others using this software for adult webcams) will be much the same.

You can start a porn web site powered by live chat at

  • Chaturbate White Label Webcam Sex Chat Sites

    start porn business
    If you want to start porn business the live sex cams white label program is worth checking out there.

The process here is fast and easy. They make is so simple that you can create a live porn site within minutes and add your own logos. They also offer an API to use the content and models and rearrange the content to potentially rank within Google. That solution though requires lots of coding knowledge or outsourcing of these skills and lots more time. The basic create your own chaturbate offering that they have open to all makes your website basically look like a Chaturbate clone.

You can get your own chaturbate white label set up here.

  • Create an adult cam site like LiveJasmin via their white label cams program.

This is another popular porn startup method whereby you can have your own webcam site for adults within a day. It’s a self-directed platform where you first register and then complete the rather simple application to build your own cam site. Much like webcam affiliate marketing, many people have review sites about webcams and include their own LiveJasmin white label sites on those review sites.

how to start an adult webcam site
This is how to start an adult webcam site like LiveJasmin.

The downside is of course most avid cam2cam fans will realize your webcam site is a copy of

  • Creating an adult video chat site from scratch:  Only for the absolute risk-takers and arguable those who are half-crazy or don’t mind losing lots of money. First off, it is critical that you plan on investing millions in this undertaking and 5+ years of your life. Building streaming live webcam sites is an advanced and highly specialized field, ask around. The experts that work in the necessary fields make sizeable salaries and you’ll have to headhunt them and that alone can take upwards of a few months to a year.

The huge barriers to entry going this route are you have to supplement porn works or cam girls to host viewers on your video chat site and that will deplete you of millions of dollars as will the actual building process.

Imagine trying to recreate the NBA and convince the best players to join your league without any endorsement or licensing deals. The same sorts of pressures are bound to bankrupt even someone with the deepest of pockets. How I know this is I have watched it happen many times when a multi-million set out to create a porn site like chaturbate.

In conclusion, use your time and resources wisely and make money in porn quicker with the fastest and best solutions to create a porn site with live webcam chat.

So just forget about any of these tired and old how to start a porn web site tips that involve actual producing porn because most of that dated guidance refers to a time before xxx webcam sex became the lifeblood of the entire adult entertainment industry.

Another very scary pitfall of being involved in the production of the actual porn sites is the whole idea of how to create porn site as well as navigation of the legal issues and contracts. There is hiring, firing, contract law, office space, insurance, as well as all the traditional headaches of a brick-and-mortar business. Not to mention the extensive cost to market your content. The biggest issue by far though is that very few people are willing to pay for recorded porn these days because next to live cams it’s considered stale.

create porn site
The best way to create porn site is to make it a cam site whereby users make porn for you.

The solutions above for creating your own cam sex site are challenging to the old ideas about how to start a strip club. These days it’s pretty cookie cuttie to get your own strip club online up and running. It’s just a matter of logo design and then some social media pages to start directing traffic.

Of course, to scale it you’re going to have to get creative and begin to learn about marketing your adult webcam business. That is a topic for another time. Just remember that making sure the models get the best split possible is critical. Cam girls are business people and often savvy and video chat sites are often battling to become the top paying cam sites.

The bottom line is that following such a path of a totally custom-coded live cam site can be a long and arduous path unless you really know what you are doing and have years to invest before you start to see any returns. Of course, there are actual video production skills that you must learn or hire out as well.

starting a live cams business
Starting a live cams business is all about choosing the right solutions and having a rock-solid marketing plan.

Finally, there are the headaches such as finding a good porn hosting and meeting all local, state, and federal laws as well. So I think you get the point; it is not for the rookie or even the novice.

In this editor’s opinion, the path to success as far as how to make a porn site is to position yourself in a sex cam niche and use one of the 3 solutions we shared above and linked to. Perhaps this article should have been titled the best porn startups or how to start a cam site but I think that more people who are looking to start old-style strip clubs will appreciate the new opportunities online.

Thanks for reading what I am calling my how to start porn business success guide!

UPDATE: I am sure there are other ways to create a live cam site for adults as well but these are the most widely used. From the best adult webcam software to other top adult webcam scripts there are lots of different opinions out there. In the future, we may dig deeper into others ways to start an adult cam site such as VideoWhisper, WebVideo, Fluffvision, OdysseyCam, Webstream, Red5Cam, IDSadults PornCMS. For now that I am confident our picks for the top 4 solutions are the best.

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