How often do cam girls REALLY orgasm in Private Adult Webcam Shows

How Long Does Average Guy Last in Private Cam Girl Shows?

There is not much hard data available on the internet about the average duration of live sex webcam shows and so today we are sharing a poll we posted for cam girls and customers to share the average duration of cam girls shows. This is not the time that cam girls spend on webcam each session but rather the average length of time a person stays in a private adult webcams show with a webcam girl during a session. We see no reason in narrowing the poll to girl guy cam shows either so all are encouraged to chime in.

Average PRIVATE Adult Cam Show Session
What is the Average PRIVATE Adult Cam Show Session Length?


Here was the exact question. “How Long Does the Average PRIVATE Adult Cam Show Session Last? (does it outlast the average length of sexual intercourse?)” Vote or find out the current results here…

Wanking Sessions : How Long They Last in Adult Cams

On another interesting note; some might find it interesting to learn the average sexual session lasts just 5 minutes. According to the TV show, ‘The Drs’ sex typically last just 5 minutes and 4 seconds. We’d venture to bet that the average length of cam girls shows on adult webcam sites is comparable. We’d also venture to say that in less than 1 percent of cam shows the performer actually has an orgasm.

How often do cam girls REALLY orgasm in Private Adult Webcam Shows
How often do cam girls REALLY orgasm in Private Adult Webcam Shows


Which brings us to our 2nd poll. The other question we are asking cam models and those who participate in sex cams is, “How Often Does the Cam Model Actually Orgasm in Private Cam Shows?”. What do you think the results were after we asked thousands of cam girls and users of adult webcam sites this question.

Vote and see the results here…


How Often Do Cam Girls Orgasm During Webcam Shows?

Again, feel free to chime in and vote on either adult webcams poll that we’ve posted on our Twitter timeline @AdultCamNews. Of course we will post the results once the poll closes as well. Lastly here is that interesting TV episode where the average length of time sexual intercourse lasts. Just maybe there is correlation. What do you think? Tweet @AdultCamNews and share your thoughts. Also make sure to check out or list of some of the best adult webcam sites. Likewise, You also might want to check out our picks for the top cam girls in Europe.

Statistics are Future of Adult Webcam Sites (Opinion)

Few regular users of adult webcam sites are aware of the precise and detailed research that goes into optimizing the largest and most successful cam sites. For example, did you know that many of the top adult webcam sites actually learn your preferences based on shows you yourself visit. That is right, the most widely visited live cam sites employ an algorithm to determine the models they suggest to you, that is based on the shows and models you have selected in past sessions. Did you realize that cam models are shown on home pages based on the location of where you are located (which is dictated by your IP). This is called localization. These days online adult entertainment professionals are doing the same kinds of things big retailers like Amazon are; their trying to predict your desires so they can get the most favorable outcomes from you; a higher conversion ratio and more in sales.

The Window into the Future of Adult Webcam Entertainment Sites Starts with Stats

Most would agree, tools that more heavily engage users and models are those that win the day and push the industry forward. The first to the punch, is usually the big winner. With that said, today were discussing a big concept that we see as a major future trend. This is a trend that as of yet no adult cams sites are really showing any signs that they are focusing on..or at least not in a publicly verifiable way yet. The trend which we predict will start to appear more and more is publicly shared models statistics. When it comes to stats we would actually argue that there is a wealth of data that cam sites are under-utilizing. Stop and think about it for a second. Savvy webcam models can use deep performer statistics to their benefit and sharing that data across a performer pool also drives a sense of achievement on cam sites. Anytime you can create competition to achieve the best metrics you drive engagement among performers. Likewise, it is also super interesting to millions of us more nerdy adult cam site users to learn which cam models spent the most minutes in private in a given month.

One Adult Cam Affiliate Marketing Site is Onto Something Bigger

Statistics are under utilized in the Adult Webcams Business.

We recently ran across a really creative LiveJasmin affiliate site (using API) that we think opens a real window to the future of how a savvy adult webcam site could reimagine the adult webcam experience. is 1 is the first adult webcam affiliate marketing sites (at least that were aware of) that is centered around sharing cam models on cam statistics. No it’s not an actual platform and no you cannot watch cam shows on this website, but what they have done which is super interesting is create a focal point around something that really is interesting to everyone who regularly uses adult webcams; from users to models.

By having the stats that show the amount of time on cam and overall time in cam shows for a particular models you really give the user something new and very interesting.  Just the same is true for cam models, this is actionable information. Now imagine if users had the collective data of all the models; one could then compare the differences as far as what models are doing differently and what those outcomes were. That sounds a bit stiff, but you get the idea. We could not only learn a lot about the business as a whole by comparing time on cam, across different adult webcam sites, but models could also get many valuable insights. gives cam model on cam statistics


Webcam Performer Portals are Still in their Infancy

Imagine as a cam model logging into the performer area of a cam site and seeing deep analytics across dozens of metrics with statistical driven suggestions as to how you can improve your private time chat . Now go on step further and imagine an internal leaderboard that shows you your rank among all the cam models at your site. Imagine being able to quickly and easily see who the top cam model was on your platform for every single aspect of camming. Wouldn’t that be useful?

Now, as a a frequent adult webcam site user imagine being able to see cam models based on those who have not having had a single private show in the last 24 hours, or being able to instantly see a table of cam models who have the longest average private show times. Wouldn’t that be neat? Is it safe to say that this would drive your interest in at least jumping into a private show with those performers to see how their show differs? We think so. This is why we think that publicly viewable deep analytics and statistics shown in charts and leaderboards maybe in the immediate future in the adult webcams business. That’s our take. Or will it be illusions of real people on vr cams? Or will everyone start fucking robots? What is more realistic to you?

Share your thoughts on this in the comments below. Want to explore the topic further? If you work in the adult webcams business as a mode, cam site rep, or affiliate join and see what people are discussion or open your own topic related to the xxx live cams business. Also we wanted to take a minute to share that Adult Webcam News is also sharing our own independent adult webcam reviews.

‘Nightline’ Shares Adult Webcams News Stories

In case you missed it, on May 25th 2017 an episode of ‘Nightline’, which is a popular ABC TV news program, aired a story titled, ‘Cam couples’ share their own interactive porn via webcam for money’. This news program segment, reported by Juju chang and Candice Gibson covered the booming adult webcams industry. Below is a short 7 minute video segment of the episode of ‘Nightline’ that shares the stories of few different adult webcam performers.

Pornstar ArianaMarieXo as featured on episode of, ‘Nightline’ that discussesed internet modeling.


The overall message of the program seemed to be that the face of modern adult entertainment is rapidly changing; something most of us already know, but mainstream news has been slow to report. Most adult performers these days start by camming, and many of them never enter the traditional porn sphere or record videos that will be available at neighborhood porn stores. These days, as most of our readers already know, it all happens online; and most of the time adult entertainment happens live.

With that said, more and more cam models are recording clips and selling these clips at popular adult clip selling sites. However, a large segment of adult webcam models also believe doing so cannibalizes sales of their main product; live shows, so they try to avoid having any pre-recording content of them available anywhere online.

Anyway here is a short video segment of the episode of ‘Nightline’ covering camming.

A few interesting takeaways:

1. According to ‘Nightline’ adult webcam sites are more popular than the New York Times. In this editors opinion that says more about the New York Times than it does about adult cams.
2. ArianaMarieXo of MFC as well as cam couple, ‘Peppermint & Dusty’ of Chaturbate; were interviewed had positive experiences about being performers on live webcams. Porn star ArianaMarieXo of MFC brought up the benefits of work stability as well as other positive aspects of her profession.
3. “A high level of interactivity and intimacy” were said to be the reasons why so many people were opting to becoming cam models versus pursuing a career as a porn star.

With that being said, perhaps cam models are the porn stars? Is that why all the ‘Porn Stars’ at a ‘Porn Convention’ seem to be over 40? Is that why when you ask a 20 something guy to name their favorite porn star they will give you the name of a cam model? Say it ain’t so?

Check out list of some of the most popular cams sites. Considering becoming an internet model? If so check out the top cam model programs.


Top 10 Hottest Cam Girls on Planet! (EDITOR PICKS)

Were always talking shop here at Adult Webcam News and there is never a break to just stop and enjoy the scenery. That got us thinking today; are those of us that work in the Adult Webcams Industry not surrounded by some of the worlds most beautiful women? Yes we most certainly are. The fact is the top cam models are in some cases paid as much as magazine cover girls are these days. Sure this is not true in all cases, but those that are at the top of their game are making more than we are….and they should be. So rather than break down the facts and figures about all the top cam sites we thought today we would just share some of our favorite live cam models, but not just any cam models though. Today we are sharing the Editor Picks for the sexiest cam girls on the planet. This is going to be a year installment here at Adult Webcam News. There is NO trophy, NO free car to the winner, and it’s NOT the latest and greatest cam girls contest, but we do share this post year round via our widely followed social media channels. So yes your going to get some cam love potentially, if you land on this list of the top cam girls. Likewise, you can follow us @AdultCamNews on Twitter. Also check out all the super sexy cam girls that follow us…a few thousands or more as a matter of fact, as well as tons of users of live webcams sites for adults.

Also at the end of this post we are going to list quick links for the top modeling sites for cam models. These are the sites where we found these super hot cam girls which were calling the best cam girls. Anyway grab a seat as it is about to get hot in here.

Worlds 10 Sexiest Cam Girls!

#1 – EvaBluee on LiveJasmin could grace the cover of any magazine and just own it….as you can see in her latest photo shoot images below. Those eyes will make you open your wallet and that ass will promptly empty it. Perfection in every way. Spend some private time with EvaBlueeat in her live webcam room.

EvaBluee tops our of list of the most gorgeous webcam girls.

#2 Cumgetsome has the sophisticated Eastern European girl look with the naughty American college girl attitude. A truly beautiful cam girl, who is down to get dirty, and actually recently started camming! Find Cumgetsome here.

CumGetSome is another one of the most sexy cam girls from Streamate.

#3 AkiraLeen from LiveJasmin is the epitome of the perfect female figure (in our opinion) and she has a drop dead gorgeous smile. Coupled with the skin complexion of the gods, this is cam girl that gets other top cam girls jealous! Yes she is that HOT! Go visit her cam show here and be ready for a mind-blowing show. Likewise, you can catch her on Twitter as well @AkiraLeen.

AkiraLeen is easily one of the most gorgeous cam girls on the web.

…More of the Most Beautiful Cam Girls

#4 ButteryBubbleButt makes men melt with her ultra glamorous valley-girl-look. She’s that sexy girl in school you could never get, but always wished you would have! Pay her a visit in her live cams show for a mind-blowing time. (You can also follow ButteryBubbleButt on Twitter @BrittanyyBenz )

ButteryBubbleButt super sexy blonde cam girl from Chaturbate!

#5 Hazina on Flirt4Free is unquestionable one of the top cam models at Flirt4Free and one of the sexiest cam models period. Check out Hazina on cam for a fun time with a totally stunning cam girl! This cam star is in the Adult Webcam Awards HOF and recently was named Live Cam Celebrity of the year in the Live Cam Awards 2017. Follow her on Twitter @hazina_f4f.

Hazina on Flirt4Free is absolutely gorgeous!

#6 LiviaChoice is a superstar cam girl at ImLive and it’s pretty clear why. Yes, she’s got the brains as well, but it’s the stunning figure and to-die-for smile that were talking about today. This sheer beauty puts her in a league of her own. The ‘2017 Top Cam Model in the Adult Webcam Awards’ is a complete bombshell who breaks the sex charts! Take it 1-on-1 with LiviaChoice in her private webcam room. You can also stalk her on Twitter at @LiviaChoiceX.

LiviaChoice is among the hottest cam models in the world!

Enjoying the Hottest Cam Girls?

#7 Selenabella from Streamate is a smoking hot cam girl with a killer body and soul-piercing eyes. Coupled with her drop dead gorgeous smile a fun loving personality and you have a good time just waiting to happen. Go say hi here and ALOT MORE! Likewise she too is on Twitter @selenabella0

selenabella from Streamate is one of the hottest female webcam girls on the planet.

#8.  KimVega is a 27-year-old webcams models from Colombia who we discovered at BongaCams. In so many words Kim is a-neck-breaker on a whole new level. An exotic sexy smile, enchanting eyes, and an ass that most men would be drawn to like steel would be to a super magnet. Pay her live cam show a visit and feel like you are a superman. KimVega is also on Twitter and you can follow her @kimVega4you.

KimVega our favorite cam model on BongaCams and one of the hottest cam girls.

#9. JessycaBlairr, a beautiful Romanian university girl by day and erotic cam girl by night exudes a sexy care-free attitude. That attitude is only outdone her stunning smile and perfect voluptuos curves. She’s stunner cam girl! Visit her live cam here or follow her on Twitter @jessycablairr.

Bombshell cam girl JessycaBlairr is a university student in Romania by day.

#10 Rounding out the hottest webcam models in the world is LorraineEvans from LiveJasmin. LorraineEvans has perhaps the best body we have ever laid eyes on and then there’s that smile. Just wow! See in live video chat show and you may fall in love with this girl. You can follow LorraineEvans @lorrainevans on Twitter but what the point when you can skip the small talk and see full up-close action in her live show.

LorraineEvans has perhaps the best body and smile of any cam model anywhere. Period.
BONUS. #11.  It was just too difficult to settle on the worlds 10 hottest cam girls so we had to extend this to 11. LolaJoness has the dream frame of men who love a small petite girl but also a little cushion for the pushin! Every man who reads this knows exactly what we mean. Lola’s beautiful smile and submissive style take her to a cam shows into the stratosphere. Take a few minutes with her on live cam show and you may get hooked.

LolaJoness is a stunning and seductive cam girl with a brilliant smile!
Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder and we all have different tastes, but our book small imperfections are perfections depending on how one carries themselves and presents their own beauty to the world. We hope you enjoyed our annual list of the world’s 10 sexiest cam girls. We truly think these are the hottest cam girls on the planet earth! The irony though is thousands of the prettiest women on the planet are now cam models though; making it nearly impossible to compile any kind of list of the hottest cam girls. These days more than 250,000 women do internet modeling at to supplement their income..and for a little bit of fun too. It’s a thing…a really big thing.

First off if you want to compare the best adult webcam sites you can read the adult cam reviews. Also here are the links for women (or men) looking for internet modeling jobs. We play no favorites and the most popular adult cam sites we are listed randomly.

  1. To become a model on BongaCams register here.
  2. To become a model on Streamate register here.
  3. To become a model on LiveJasmin register here.
  4. To become a model on Chaturbate register here.
  5. To become a model on ImLive register here.