Top 12 European Cam Girls for 2019

Welcome to another fun installment of our best of adult webcams showcase, this time featuring top European cam girls. That’s right, we are sharing 12 of the best cam girls from all over Europe. While we may take some heat from our American friends, Europe arguably has the most stunning women on the planet. Okay, let’s be clear there are completely gorgeous cam girls in all parts of the world and they all possess unique beauty. There’s those Brazilian and Colombian cam girl goddesses who are stacked like sexual brick houses and then the hot red-blooded American cam girls next door; we love them all.

However, European cam girls seem to have a rich sexual sophistication that is all their own. We think you will agree this years picks for the top 12 European cam girls is a stunning list of totally gorgeous webcam models. Besides being some of the sexiest cam girls in Europe these webcam goddesses also have some serious pep in their step to make it on this list!

UPDATE: (For fun we also connected their photos to their live cam shows)

A.W.N. ™ Annual List of 12 Leading European Webcam Models

#1 – Eva Sin on Flirt4Free – Follow her on Twitter @EvaSinOff or watch Eva Sin on cam Eva Sin

Eva Sin


#2 – KendraSummer on LiveJasmin – Follow her on Twitter @kendrasummerx or watch KendraSummer on cam




#3 –  annya_ on Chaturbate – Follow her on Twitter @AnaValyana or watch annya_ on cam




#4 –  Lzziye on LiveJasmin – Follow her on Twitter @IzzieLj or watch Lzziye on cam


IzzieLj – Izziye


#5 – NatallieLynn of Streamate – watch NatallieLynn on cam




#6. SerenSophie on LiveJasmin – Follow her on Twitter @serenesophiex or watch SerenSophie on cam




#7 – UniquePenelope of LiveJasmin – watch UniquePenelope on cam




#8 – UrCuteSarah on ImLive – Follow her on Twitter @cutesarahonline or watch UrCuteSarah on cam




#9 – anabellastar on Chaturbate – Follow her on Twitter @AnnabellaStar2 or watch anabellastar on cam 




#10 – MeganKroft of LiveJasmin – Follow her on Twitter @MeganKrofft or watch MeganKroft on cam




#11 – Eva Devine on LiveJasmin – Follow her on Twitter @evadevineoff or watch Eva Devine on cam

Eva Devine

Eva Devine


#12 ZeyaSkyte on LiveJasmin – Follow her on Twitter @zeyaskyte or watch ZeyaSkyte on cam


I also encourage you to check out our list of what we called the hottest cam girls on the planet last year. One of the funnest parts of covering adult webcam news is sharing the top talent. It’s a competitive and tough field and there’s literally tens of thousands of webcam models to choose from. Each year we watch literally thousands of hours of cam girl shows as well. Likewise, the list could be much longer but we are thrilled to share our picks for the Adult Webcam News Best European Cam Girls!

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RusCams Joins Leading Cam Site BongaCams

If you are looking for the highlights of what’s been going on in the webcam industry, the past few days’ news has it that BongaCams has successfully purchased The users, models, studios, and webmasters are being informed of the changes that are about to come around. has been purchased by BongaCams

Not yet a member? Try BongaCams

What do we know about RusCams? is the first project of such a large-scale as well as the first adult video chat in the history of Runet – a network of Russian-speaking Internet communities and websites – established back in 2008. Since then, it has gained exploding popularity among models and users alike throughout the world.

Get ready for to be re-discovered by BongaCams because when two leading cam sites come together, the result is updated interface, cleaner and smarter design, nicer user features, traffic shooting through the roof, more entertainment for everyone, and, finally, thousands of new fabulous models drawing members in like a magnet!
Give and keep an eye out for other BongaCams News.

RIP NeedLive, Adult Webcam Site to Fold

The following email went out to affiliates of NeedLive adult webcam site today. Cloaked in wordplay, make no mistake about it “will be incorporated into LiveJasmin” simply means the NeedLive site is folding operations as a cam site. In it’s place their putting another white label site up since their cam site failed. RIP NEEDLIVE…a glorious waste of time.needlive model registrations

Dear affiliate,

As of the 1st of December, the industry leading engine will be incorporated into Besides the technological upgrade, will also get a new look and feel to meet the standards of today’s sites.

In conjunction with these changes, please register your account with Adult Webmaster Empire ( to be a Webmaster, where you have the chance to earn up to 60% commission. As a result, you will enjoy the benefits of the largest adult website network, thousands of promo tools and a full-fledged white label editor. will operate in its current form until the 30th of November. All your earnings through the NeedLive webmaster program in November will be calculated and paid between the 1st and 5th of December. If your balance is less than the minimum payout limit ($100) we can still send your payment but only if you request it within 90 days of the 1st of December. Please make sure to set your payment option in time if you have not done it yet.

In case of problems, please do not hesitate to contact Adult Webmaster Empire at the following e-mail address or at

Kind regard,

NeedLive Team

EDITOR NOTE: The following post has NOTHING TO DO WITH LIVEJASMIN or their affiliate program called AWE which is a great platform and site. It has everything to do with shady emails to affiliates. We call them like we see them and this is pretty clearly not a transition, it’s a fold. adds Chinese Language to Adult Webcams Site

STORY CORRECTION: Both (Largest Premium cam site) and (Largest Freemium cam site) have Chinese language as well as a few other adult webcam sites.

___________________________ 免费直播性爱视频 has become of one the first mainstream adult webcam sites to offer their site in Chinese. or Bongacams has become one of the first adult webcam sites to offer Chinese language support. or Bongacams has become one of the first adult webcam sites to offer Chinese language support.

The BongaCams live webcam community just turned 4 years old on March 14th 2016 and it those 4 short years it has become one of, if not the largest live cams site for adults in the world.

China has an estimated population of 1,400,000,000 (1.4 billion people) and a rapidly rising upper class with a high amount of disposable income, thus it’s fairly clear that China will be a large market for live adult webcams at some point. As of earlier this week ( is now one of the only mainstream live cam sites for adults available in the Chinese language.

Interview with BongaCams Dev. Director Jorge Sampaoli recently got the chance to interview Jorge Sampaoli the current Development Director at is one of the leading live webcam sites for adults in the world and is company that has experienced massive market share growth in a relatively short span of time; so naturally we were thrilled to share this interview with our readers. Let’s get to it!

Development Director BongaCams
Jorge Sampaoli, Development Director –

1. What sets BongaCams apart from other sites for as user experience?

BongaCams has plenty of advantages. Firstly, its friendly and clean interface, a huge number of various features and a system of premium accounts. Secondly, it’s the most extensive selection of models from all over the world, which allows visitors from every country to find exactly the one he’s dreaming about. And thirdly, it’s all sorts of benefits, exclusive offers and bonuses that are being offered to registered members of BongaCams

2. What efforts do you take to make BongaCams as competitive as possible for models?

Today BongaCams is the most visited webcam site in the world, according to rating. More visitors – more money for the models. It’s the biggest advantage for sure.

Here at BongaCams every model has the most modern and safe working conditions. Support Team starts to take care of each performer from the beginning of the registration process, and a personal manager is assigned to every model: helps her to optimize the working process and solve any issue in a matter of minutes. Not to mention that Chargeback and DCMA protection services are provided to every performer by default.gud

3. How have you achieved so much growth as you have in recent years?

Well, our company adheres to the policy of constant self-development and doesn’t cease to work hard. We are really proud of our very talented team, each member of which is a true master of his craft, who brings an invaluable contribution to the development of BongaCams. We’ve found the way to success due to the perseverance, creative ideas and the ability to find innovative solutions for the daily duties. As for the future plans, we’re going forward and making our work at the highest level. So don’t ever think we would rest on our laurels.

4. What is the process like to get started as a new cam model on BongaCams?

Oh, it’s easy as falling off a log! All the model needs is to pass the registration, which is absolutely easy and will not take more than 5 minutes. And that’s all! After this she starts to make money with BongaCams!

5. What made you decide to support Adult Webcam Conference and Adult Webcam Awards?

We set a goal to become closer to our models. In this regard, we communicate with them as much as possible and make efforts to find out their opinion about BongaCams. It helps to make it more comfortable, perspective and popular day by day.

Adult Webcam News would like to thank Jorge Sampaoli Development Director of for taking the time to visit with us to share more about BongaCams.

New Cam Models Contest MissPuckBunny Connects Hockey Fans

Miss Puck Bunny is a new contest for cam models that takes place during the duration of the NHL Playoffs and connects cam models with hockey fans in what seems to be a cool and engaging way. The site is careful to share that of course it is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the NHL or any official NHL teams. With that being said it’s another great way for live webcam models to engage with their fans, possibly win some money, and have fun while doing so. It should also be noted that this cam models contest is also operated by the same entity that has the Cammy Awards, another cam models contest held in January of each year.MissPuckBunny

According to their official website these are the rules:

Models are playing with their favorite teams and earn 5 wins in the standings every time their team wins a SERIES!

Models that want to be successful in the contest will rely on recruiting as many fans as possible to make successful NHL picks throughout the playoffs. Fans can make their picks on the PLAY NOW page! Each correct SERIES pick counts as 5 wins in the standing! Fans are allowed to buy a series scorecard to make picks for every series happening (this gives your model a huge advantage). The model with the most wins at the end of the Stanley Cup Finals will be crowned as 2016 Miss Puck Bunny! The winning model & her #1 ranked fan will each receive a SMC Prize Wheel Spin ($100-$1000 value on

Fans & models are allowed to each have one season pass for the full length of the NHL Playoffs (until your team is eliminated). Having a season pass automatically enters you into every series that your team participates in. Even if your season pass team gets eliminated, you can continue participating in the contest by making correct predictions for other series. is integrated with with lots of prizes this season (see prizes page for full breakdown)!

Series Win = 5 total wins + 50,000 total SMC Points!
Wins and points are only awarded for winning a series!

Fans can select any female model with a Twitter account to play for (fans are not limited to the models featured on this website. Only willing models will be pictured on the website). Fans are encouraged to work as a team to help their favorite model to win (although only the #1 fan of the winning model will win a prize of their own). When a fan makes a correct series pick, they earn 5 wins for their model in the standings + 50,000 SMC Points in the standings for the monthly Social Media Crown title & prize. Fans also earn SMC Points for their model every single time they buy-in! View the STANDINGS page throughout the season to see how your model is doing in both contests (Miss Puck Bunny & the monthly Miss SMC contest).

Fans can play in every ongoing series at once by filling out a scorecard. Each fan can play one scorecard during the 1st round, 2 during the 2nd, 3 during the 3rd, and 4 during the finals (this is done by adjusting the quantity during your order. You cannot play with two teams that are playing head-to-head against each other). Tweet @AdultModelNewswith any questions. Judges have final say in all scoring decisions and have ability to add rules to improve the contest where seen fit.

MissPuckBunny Contest

Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck to all the 2016 contestants for Miss Puck Bunny. You can follow MissPuckBunny on Twitter @misspuckbunny. You can also discuss this contest and share your experiences in the contests this year in the Cam Models Social Network Discussion Forum for this particular contest here at

MyFreeCams Model Bree Olson Fights Benzodiazapines Addiction

Former porn actress and now MyFreeCams webcam star Bree Olson has recently been the focus of many news stories after speaking out about her experiences and personal struggles via a YouTube video interview titled, “The Story of Bree Olson”. 

bree olson real women real stories
Olson fights back tears during the emotional interview.

In the recent video interview (below) Olson expressed her frustrations about how people in our society treat female adult actresses as well as how she was treated from within the porn industry itself.

The primary message she expresses in the video is that stigma from her career as a female porn actress and involvement with Charlie Sheen has had lasting and negative consequences on her life; thus resulting in people forming negative impressions of her personal character.  Here is the full video.

What is perhaps even more interesting than the interview and subsequent public reaction itself is what Olson did next. She publicly confessed her addiction to Benzodiazapines, a dangerous and addictive drug commonly referred to as ‘Benzo’s via GoFundMe. On that GoFundMe drive she publicly asks for help. Benzodiazapines, for those that may not know are typically used for treatment of panic disorders. These drugs widely known to be addictive and are dangerous as a result. Most would agree that the method Bree Olson (real name Rachel Oberlin) chose to share her struggle is indicative of someone looking to steer themselves in a direction to overcome a drug addiction. Olsen posted the GoFundMe page on April 14th, 2016 where she asks fans for help covering the high costs of in-patient treatment. She estimates her total costs to be around $100,000. According to a widely cited authority on the topic, the costs of in-patient drug treatment centers typically run between $10,000 to $20,000 per month; thus indicating her estimates are not unreasonable considering the length of time most candidates need to complete in-patient drug addiction treatment to be successful.

Bree Olson rehab
Bree Olson in earlier days

However, the story here that is in some ways more interesting than the initial story itself, is that some reputable news sources have mocked Bree Olsons attempt to get treatment while others have accused her of being a hyprocrite in her video interviews. Some have even suggested that asking for help via a GoFundMe drive is not the reasonable actions of a responsible adult. It would seem that Bree Olson is sharing some very personal insights that are very real and based on her own experiences as a porn actress; in addittion to trying to get help for a drug addiction.

On the GoFundMe page Bree Olson states that costs unrelated to the treatment she is footing the bill for herself with the sale of certain personal assets. Therefore, she approaches this struggle in a way anyone would who is accepting responsbility for her own actions, while also asking for help from her fans. GoFundMe is commonly used by people to ask for help with medical costs such as drug addiction treatment.

The GoFundMe page has raised nearly $10,000.00 in backing from more than 175 people within a single day. Share your comments about this story in this thread at the Social Network for Webcam Models. Becomes a Flirt4Free White Label Site

Following the PeekShows announcement that they had transitioned to being powered by or using the backend, this week an announcement was made that that they were officially purchased by live webcams platform

The prior announcement by PeekShows stated the following:

On March 14th, 2016 Peekshows transitioned to a new backend provider to bring you more features, improved live video and chat and greater variety of performers (in addition to your favorites). Most customer accounts were imported as part of this process so you can login and use the site as normal. Any token balances from the old platform were also imported.

Please read our Peekshows Transition F.A.Q. for answers to common questions. We are also available 24×7 by phone at 1-800-685-9236 (USA Only) or 1-818-880-9021 (Outside USA) to assist.

We hope you enjoy your experience on our new site!

Flirt4Free buys PeekShows
Flirt4Free has purchased the website

No plans are known at this time if will continue to be a standard Flirt4Free white label site or if somehow the site will offer anything different from the underlining platform.

Last year, also abandoned their own backend proprietary site opting to instead leverage their brand on the platform.

More discussion on this on this topic can be had here. You can compare white label solutions here, or get your own white label here.

Latin America Adult Industry Awards Announced

The LALEXPO AWARDS is the brand new adult industry awards and the only industry awards focused on the Latin American and Spanish-speaking markets.
LALEXPO adult trade showThe Spanish-speaking community has a population of over 600 million people in various countries all over the world and is the official language of 21 of them.

LALEXPO organizer Anthony Rivera said, “We felt that it was absolutely necessary to organize these awards that represent and acknowledge the development of this very important emerging market niche in the adult industry”. “If you have a product or service that is geared toward the Latin American or Spanish-speaking market in the adult industry; we welcome you to nominate yourself or the company of your choice”.

The awards will feature a few global categories as well, so you may still be eligible for nomination even if you are not focused on the Spanish-speaking market. Some of the categories this year are Best Billing company,Best adult content site or network, Best Dating company, Best mobile company, Best Traffic company, Best tube site, Best white label provider, Best webmaster, Best emerging cam site, Best overall cam site, Best emerging cam studio, best cam studio, Best Colombian cam studio, Best Romanian cam studio, Best female webcam model, among many more.

See the complete list of LALEXPO AWARDS Categories

Sponsorship opportunities for the awards are also available now on the website.


July 13th 2016 at the LALEXPO in Cartagena, Colombia.

The awards ceremony will take place during the LALEXPO adult trade show as part of the event schedule.

For more information on the LALEXPO visit:

For more information on the LALEXPO AWARDS visit:


Bookmark for all the latest Adult Webcam News. Official Launch Slated for Feb 2016

Adult Webcam News, ( – “The News Site for the Adult Webcam Industry” is thrilled to share today that we’ll be officially launching the our industry news site the 2nd week of February 2016.

Unlike adult news portals YNOT, AVN, or XBIZ, which are catered to a much broader audience, Adult Webcam News is a web site narrowly focused on delivering news stories that directly affect cam models, live webcam users, & adult webcam business professionals.

Moving forward readers will be able to find the latest news about events catered to adult webcam performers, read in-depth interviews from industry thought leaders, hear the latest developments in live adult entertainment technology, and stay abreast of the most recent regulatory changes.

Moreover, at A.W.N. affiliates will be able to explore insights into adult webcam advertising and marketing with in-depth editorial content. White label live webcam site operators will also appreciate the discussions and analysis of programs changes and updates affecting their live cam sites.

A.W.N. seeks to become the go-to resource for those seeking adult webcam industry news as well as the most-up-to-date authority for adult webcam affiliates, adult webcam models, white label webcams programs, & and all other businesses serving the adult webcams industry.

AWN - Adult Webcam News. (
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