How To Make More Money On Chaturbate – 5 Tips

Literally hundreds of thousands of people are making money on chaturbate as a cam girl, cam boy or affiliate. People do so everyday in all parts of the world. That said, lots of us probably think to ourselves what else can we do to make more money on chaturbate. Need some chaturbate cam girl advice?

Increasing Your Chaturbate Income – Tips For Chaturbate Cam Models

Not satisfied with your income on Chaturbate? Are you wondering how to make more? Here’s a few tips that might help you gain more popularity and get you making more money.

camming tips
There is nothing wrong with reading a few camming tips to stay sharp and be at the top of your game. Try these on for size?
  1. Firstly, consider your log times. Are you spending 2 1/2 hours at a time on cam 7 days a week? Or are you camming 10 hours a day 2 days a week? The problem with the first one is that you are not giving yourself enough time on. Chaturbate puts their models in order on the front page by how many paying customers are in a models room at a time. If you are only on a short period of time, you are not giving members a chance to see you. In the second instance of being on 10 hours at a time, you’re probably burning yourself out and not putting on your best. Try logging on for 4-6 hours, 3-4 days per week.
  2. Get interactive toys. Members love being the reason you are turned on. Give them ways to do that. Lovense and OhMiBod make all sorts of toys you can incorporate in your room. Make sure to put them in your “Tags”. You can also utilize tags by putting in popular tags, as well as tags that no one else has. Chaturbate gives their members a list of tags and shows which models have them. If you have a popular one, you will be on the front page. But they will need to find you in the sea. If you have a unique tag that few, if any, have, you will be on the last page, but you will not be categorized with anyone else and will stand out.
  3. Check your audio and video quality. Do you have to speak over your music? Is there a fan or air conditioner running in the background? My dog burped 15’ from my cam and my audience heard it. Is your camera’s auto focus on? Shut it off! There is nothing more aggravating to a member than watching your cam go in and out of focus every time you move. If your not sure, ask someone in your room.
  4. Check your surroundings. Is there enough light in your room?
    chaturbate modeling tips
    You can always improve as long as you keep an open mind. Here are some chaturbate modeling tips. Featured model is the super sexy sunshine1818club

    Is there a lot of clutter? Can members see your face and most of your body 90% of the time? Ideally, you would have a light pointed slightly up at you, zero clutter in cam view, toys and outfits nearby without getting out of view, and you should have enough room to move around. Don’t just sit there are try to look pretty. Get up and dance, tease, do your laundry while rocking to your favorite beats.

  5. Pay attention to member colors. They get categorized by how much money they have spent on the site. Learn the colors and give members attention based on their colors. Don’t forget to utilize the bots and apps available to you. They have tons that are fun and helpful to have not to mention easy to use.

    how to make money on chaturbate
    Learn how to make more money on chaturbate like cam girl kendalltyler.

Chaturbate Modeling Tips

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I hope you enjoyed this post on how to make money on chaturbate…and more of it if you are already a cam model! Look for more chaturbate modeling tips in the future. Make sure to also check out our comparison of internet modeling pay rates here. If you are interested in getting started as a cam model at Chaturbate the registration link is here or you can become an affiliate of Chaturbate if you have a blog or other content and make money sending traffic to cam girls chat rooms. We also post lots of interesting news and insights about internet modeling so make sure to check back often. Lastly also read our chaturbate review.

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