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Interview w/ Agata Ruiz of CamSoda, Voted ‘Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2019’

We are pleased to share this exclusive Interview with rising CamSoda star and truly gorgeous webcam model Agata Ruiz (@AgataRuiz4 on twitter) who was most recently voted AWA, ‘Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2019‘. Certainly there are tens of thousands of beautiful women on adult webcam sites but Agata Ruiz is no less breathtaking and it’s easy to see why fans named her the sexiest cam girl of the year. Likewise, she’s got mad cam skillz and a great sense of humor to boot. Let’s dive right in the interview and get some of her insights on the sex cams biz. If you just can’t wait to get more intimate, her live cam show is here.

How did you get started as a cam model?

CamSoda star webcam model Agata Ruiz
CamSoda star webcam model Agata Ruiz
After quitting  my last job as a waitress, I found myself in a financial situation that I wasn’t used to, so I started looking for a well paid job. Then, a friend, that is also a cam model, told me about this job and all the opportunities and I said “why not?”. So I went to a few studios and I found AJ Studios, which is where I learned the basis of my job. 
What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
In the moment I realized that this job could give me so many opportunities, I told myself with determination that I was going to take advantage of every opportunity this job could give me. This decision involved investing in my shows, improving myself, doing a lot of research, surrounding myself with people who knew about this job, people with experience, people who could help me achieve the goals that I declared I wanted to fulfill.
What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
Do research about the industry, about the websites you want to work on and how to use the tools they give you to grow as a cam model. Never stop improving yourself professionally and personally. Invest in yourself and your job. Find a good partner, someone who can help you grow as the industry does. Always be creative and be yourself.
What are your current goals?

My current goal is to open myself other paths in the industry that allow me to stand out as a cam model. I want more people to know about me, to find in my shows a place to be themselves, to have fun and be entertained. I want to be recognized in the industry not only as an attractive model, but for my qualities as a woman. Even though I know I am on the right path, I am aware of all the work that I still need to do in order be a prominent model, to be at the Top. 

Gorgeous cam girl Agata Ruiz
Gorgeous cam girl Agata Ruiz from CamSoda – Click HERE – to view here show
What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?
I don’t know if this has been like this always, but right now and in the short-term I see a lot of new models that are giving too much for too little, that are not giving this job the relevance it has. It could be a lack of a good team or a good assistance, that makes them look like they would do anything for a of couple coins, like they don’t love their job and you can notice that in their shows. This makes it more difficult for new models to be successful and get the best from this job. In the other hand, the competition pushes you to work harder, to stay creative and to challenge yourself with constant improvement.
We could not agree more with Agata Ruiz about investing in yourself and learning more about the different cam sites and tools they offer cam models. Most models concur on this point; it is critical to do your own homework to make sure you’re getting the best return on your investment of your valuable time as a webcam model. Agata works with AJ Studios one of the most advanced and widely recognized studios in Latin America. That incredibly sexy smile and stunning body aside, it’s her personality and dedication to delivering superb cam shows that has led to her success as a webcam model. Make sure to pay her a visit in her live webcam room at CamSoda.

Pornhub To Launch Site Like ManyVids, one of the top free porn clip sites on the planet has announced plans to launch a cam model clip selling site & service off their massive free porn tube site. This has been welcome news to many cam models whose content is posted on Pornhub, often not by themselves but those using that content for their own gain. For cam models who may not be aware of it, for a number of years now Pornhub has had the ability for content creators to create a profile and share their own videos in exchange for a number of perks such as a dedicated performer page and back links to cam shows and websites. Pornhub has a ‘model of the month’, ‘Popular Verified’, and ‘Most Subscribed’ section in their highly active and quickly growing porn hub community section. It’s interesting adult news anytime a site like Pornhub (parent company Mindgeek) who has not so warm history with adult performers, but now appears to be a leader in connecting performers with fans. It’s also interesting to note that this new feature will have a 80% payout to models minus processing fees and that Pornhub plans to offer lots of exciting marketing tools as well.

Pornhub clip selling for cam models is a new service.

Pornhub Clip Selling Site for Cam Models Maybe a Game Changer

The PornHub blog was where it was first announced that a platform for cam girls (and all adult entertainers) will soon be on offer where performers can sell custom videos direct to fans. It is important to note that currently ManyVids is the leading clip selling site for cam models and just a few actual adult webcam sites such as, have offered this service to webcam models. Many of the top adult cam sites have been apprehensive (or so it would seem) to enter the market of recorded adult content in any fashion, even if that content produces more income opportunities for cam girls. Perhaps this can be attributed a reliance on the opinion that recorded videos may cannibalize the sales of live cam shows which are the main offerings of the most popular adult webcam sites, or maybe it’s just that they have been slow to react to the demand.

Cam Girl Recorded Video Sales are at All Time Highs

The fact is that cam models are selling recorded videos to loyal fans at a higher rate than ever and the market for custom videos has also grown by leaps and bounds. This is most likely due to the fact that fans see value in deepening their connections to their favorite cam models and live cam models in turn benefit from a income stream that is not reliant upon them being online to generate that income.

ManyVids has a new competitor with PornHub a free adult tube site that gets far more traffic.

Likewise, many cam models would point out that selling recorded videos to their fans also can develop more loyalty with the customer for future live cam shows on that platform. 

PornHub Clip Selling Site Challenges ManyVids

ManyVids, the current leading site for cam girls to sell recorded videos has been very active over 2018 with their marketing efforts such as MV Magazine, MV Takeover, and their constant ManyVids contests.

This is an interesting space and worth watching as it develops. The fact is, clip selling sites for cam models is a backdoor service for cam model recruitment and a loyalty building step for PornHub with the most prolific adult entertainers of our time. Will their be a another attempt at a proprietary adult webcam site down the line for PornHub parent company MindGeek. Only time will tell?

Discuss this or other adult news at Internet Modeling Forum ( – the cam girls social network and b2b adult webcam forum.

List of Top Cam Models and Sites: Winners AWA 2018

The virtual kings and queens of adult cams were selected by fans and industry peers in the 2018 Adult Webcam Awards™ this past week. Congratulations to Selena Bella, LeoJock13, VickieJay, Casey Kisses, Brooke Synn, and ButteryBubbleButt, AinsleeDivine and all the 2018 AWA Winners! This year as the exclusive media sponsor Adult Webcam News was thrilled to provide $3,000.00 in cash prizes in the top 3 categories while other AWA advertisers provided cash prizes for the other 2 most popular categories.

What made Adult Webcam Awards™ unique and continues to set them apart, besides the fact AWA was the first ever Awards for top cam models in 2014, is the fact that AWA continued to push the industry forward with how performers (cam girls and cam boys) and platforms (adult cam sites) should recognize live webcam performers in a way that is performer centric and conducive to the schedules and priorities of internet models.

Top Cam Girls and Webcam Chat Sites for 2018

Among other things, AWA achieved 4 industry firsts with the 2018 Adult Webcam Industry Awards: Something you won’t read on the old guard top adult industry news sites is these ever important facts! This is actually one reason why the viewpoints we share at are fresh and different; not centered around recorded content!

SelenaBella Voted, ‘Top Cam Model 2018’ in the Adult Webcam Awards
  • AWA Involved past cam model winners in the final selections process
  • AWA Introduced Cash Prizes in 5 of the most coveted categories
  • AWA Conducted the entire process & show online with no requirement to attend a b2b conference.

Here is the complete list of top cam models and sites for 2018. These are the stars of live sex on the internet and the best cam girls and cam boys as well as all the top adult webcam sites.

  1. Top Cam Girl 2018 – Selena Bella
  2. Top Male Cam Model 2018 –  LeoJock13
  3. Top New Cam Model 2018 – VickieJay
  4. Most Beautiful Cam Girl 2018 – Kaisy Prince
  5. Top Trans Cam Model 2018 – Casey Kisses
  6. Social Media Cam Model Superstar – Brooke_Synn™
  7. Big Booty Cam Model of the Year 2018 – ButteryBubbleButt
  8. Best Anal Live Webcams Show 2018 – Stella Von Savage
  9. Best Milf Adult Webcams Show – 2018 – AinsleeDivine
  10. Top Ebony Cam Model 2018 – ZaraWalker
  11. Best Live Lesbians Show 2018 – Natie & Bones
  12. Best Fetish Cam Girl Show 2018 – Tinkeerbell
  13. Best Couples Webcam Show 2018 – 3zcompany aka TruStori3s
  14. Best Live Webcam Masturbation Show 2018 – HottyTEEN69
  15. Top BBW Cam Girl 2018 – Raquel Love
  16. Best Oral Sex Live Webcam Show 2018 – Emily Thomsom 

    top cam girls 2018
    Featured model is Emily Thomson on this list of top cam girls of 2018.
  17. Best Dominatrix (FinDom) Cam Show 2018 – DeliciousAngel / Miss Delice
  18. Best Cam Model Personal Website 2018 –
  19. Best Tattooed Cam Girl – Hentaidreamgirl

Industry Side / Cam Sites / B2B – 2017 Adult Webcam Awards™ Winners

Most Popular Adult Webcams Platforms

  1. Best Overall Adult Webcam Site – Streamate
  2. Best Mobile Adult Webcams – LiveJasmin
  3. Best Gay Adult Webcam Site – SuperMen
  4. Best Adult Cam Affiliate Program Program – Mtree
  5. Best European Adult Webcams Site –
  6. Best Virtual Reality Adult Site 2018 – CamSoda
  7. Best German Adult Webcams – LiveJasmin
  8. Best Russian Adult Webcams Site –
  9. Best White Label Adult Webcams – BongaCash
  10. Best Japanese Adult Cams – SakuraLive
  11. Best Latin American Adult webcam Site – CameraPrive
  12. Best Cams Payment Processor – EPOCH
  13. Best Adult Webcam Advertising Company – TrafficJunky
  14. Best New Adult Webcam Site – PantyBay
  15. Best Adult Webcam Events – AW Summit 
  16. Best Cam Models Resources or Tools –
  17. Best Adult Webcam Hosting Provider – MojoHost
  18. Best Cam Model Website Designer – ZuzanaDesigns
  19. Best Overall Adult Webcam Studio – Grupo Bedoya
  20. Best Adult Webcam Toy / Sex Toy Company – Lovense
  21. Best Romanian Adult Webcam Studio – Studio20
  22. Best Colombian Adult Webcam Studio  – Grupo Bedoya
  23. Best Adult Webcam Industry Blog –

The Official AWA Announcement is here.

See you in 2019 for the updated list of the top cam girls! Until then have fun and be safe!

How Cam Girls Can Protect Content with DMCA Notices

These days one of the biggest problems that cam girls face is constant content theft; be it images, text, audio, video, or products, cam girls are being wholly ripped off by unscrupulous webmasters. This is going on at a truly astonishing level. What’s even worse though is those business that allow or turn a blind eye to monetization of content that is stolen. These perpetrators drive the demand for content theft in the adult webcams industry.

Luckily, most affiliate programs in the cam space have been good about monitoring the places their traffic comes from and not allowing affiliates to generate revenue from stolen content belonging to cam models and/or other cam sites. The same cannot be said for many companies in the adult dating industry that continue to allow placement of their offers by their affiliates on video scraping sites offering past shows from cam models.

There are dozens of sites like which have literally stored millions of recordings in the cloud and are offer these stolen cam girl video clips to people on demand with free downloads. These content thieves are not just stealing from cam girls and cam sites though, many of the MP4 downloads are also filled with malicious viruses and spam that costs users time and money as well.

Just to give you an example, when running a search for popular Chaturbate cam girl Eva Gómez we stumbled onto the standard notice at the end of the first page of the Google search results that indicated some of the search results had been removed via DMCA takedown notices. The link on the search page lead to which displayed more than 100 urls for dozens of sites similar to which had been removed for lifting her content or using her images without permission. Hundreds of results that were using stolen content. That should be eye-opening.

Cam girls stolen content sites are a real problem . As you can see by this screenshot it’s happening on a large scale


From our research into this matter, the most common victim of this theft at the current time is Chaturbate models and itself. That said, all cam sites fall victim as do all webcam models.

Therefore, today we are talking about the simple and easy process cam models can follow to get content removed from Google search. This is a free process that you can do without paying expensive 3rd parties. It’s also fairly quick and again costs you nothing.

Cam Models Guide to the DMCA Takedown Process

WHAT IT IS: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

WHERE IS CAME FROM: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is legislation enacted by the United States Congress in October 1998 that made major changes to the US Copyright Act.

HOW IT WORKS: When a copyright holder learns of a violation, a DMCA takedown notice is issued to the service that hosts the offending website or to the internet service provider (ISP) of the violator. Infringing material can also be removed from search results by issuing a notice to a search engine.

TIP: Cam models can also use the Google Search Console DMCA Dashboard in order to monitor search results data for your properties and find stolen content even faster. Cam girls can also learn more about removing content from Google with the troubleshooter here. YouTube, Image Search, and even Blogger takedowns can all be handled via the same form.

You will also be pleased to know that you can even more easily get content removed from a site using WordPress using the WordPress DMCA takedown notice application.

There’s Hope for camgirls yet! Our advice to adult webcam performers is to plan 1 day a month to do your own DMCA takedown notices based on anything new you see under a search for your own performer name coupled with common search phrases like ‘show’, ‘pictures’, ‘webcam’ etc. Also remember to search images as oftentimes that will lead to the sites using your content without authorization. Lastly, do keep in mind that some cam site affiliate programs give webmasters authority to use certain images of models via existing those relationship so make sure you have checked with your cam site to see if they are an affiliate that has authorization to use those particular images. This is often overlooked and can be a simple misunderstanding.

Lastly, some of these sites like WebcamRecordings actually tip their hand and show incoming search terms where their bleeding off traffic that ordinarily may come directly to a webcam performer. As shown in the image below with respect to popular cam girl VickieJay, more broad terms like ‘Twitter‘ as well as types of niche cam shows accompanied by a performers own name are also often places where stolen content is apt to be appearing in search.

Just a few tips for cam girl on finding and removing stolen content.


On a final note if you work with a studio DMCA removal of stolen content maybe a service provided to you free of cost, check with your studio. It is also wise to inquire with your model representative at your cam site to see if they have a staff person who can take care of this for you. It never hurts to ask because the cam site that you work on also stands to lose revenue if your content is being given away to people who may otherwise be purchasing it. We hope this article on the topic of cam model stolen content removal has been informative and helpful. If so please consider sharing it with your fellow models.

CamSoda Unveils Adult 3D Virtual Holograms (Holo-Cam)

CamSoda a boutique freemium cam site that features lots of well-known American porn stars has recently launched a sister offering which consists of 3D virtual hologram projections of cam models. A pretty futuristic idea indeed in this editors opinion. According to a story in the Mirror CamSoda is one of a number of companies hedging their bets with the idea that pornographic holograms of live cam models will be a mainstream form of adult entertainment in the future. CamSoda showed off some of this technology at this years AVN porn industry show.

Images 1 and 2 below illustrate the concepts behind HOLO CAM.

HOLO CAM – Adult Webcam Inspired 3d Holograms from camsoda
process of making adult holograms

Apparently you can view these live sex hologram show on both smart phone and by using a 3D projector. We found this video of Holo-Cam from CamSoda on YouTube.

Can you imagine being able to broadcast a lifelike porn star into your living room in 3D? A pretty neat idea on the surface, but this is probably still pretty far-fetched. The #2 most up-voted comment on YouTube under this promo video sums up our opinion of whether 3d cam model holograms will be the hot new thing anytime soon. The comment read,“Why watch a hologram when there is a fuckton of real porn already in existence?”

Never the less, what a neat marketing ploy if nothing else. CamSoda has been a leader at stirring headlines over the past 24 months and the sci-fi cool factor of this alone is sure to spur lots of visitors to Now we have virtual reality adult webcams and teledildonics as well as these nifty new holograms. Which begs the question, “What next?”

Apparently CamSoda has the answer to this question as well. They are currently testing a SMELL mask that emits scents during live webcams shows for their HOLO CAM offering.



Congrats 2017 Adult Webcam Awards Winners! (LIST)

Winners List 2017 Adult Webcam Awards

Here at Adult Webcam News we wish to congratulate all the winners of the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards.

The AWA is the largest body of voting that that is collected anywhere in the world specific to the cams industry (as far as raw number of votes) and the only U.S. based awards and industry recognition body for Internet Models and Adult Webcams sites; thus it is the award that really is centered on the live adult webcam industry from a fan and model perspective. This year over 1 million impressions were made at the Adult Webcam Awards and over 40,000 raw votes were cast.

Accordingly, we are issuing an open call to winners to contact the editor for an interview to further share your accomplishments that lead to your win in the A.W.A.’s. We would love to update our readers on your current goals as a cam model or your company’s current business initiatives. These media stories and updates from Adult Webcam Awards winners may resonate with other readers here at Adult Webcam News and can result in great connections and added exposure for your current projects.

Editor direct email:

We suggest sharing a few images and your reactions to taking home the win in the AWA’s. Likewise make sure what you include we can use as quotes. Likewise, more information about your shows and business as well as your plans for 2017 and any current projects you have in the pipeline are all of interest to us to collect and share with our readers.  If you are a cam model and new to press releases and media here are some questions that you can use as a format to get you started.

  1. How did you get started as a cam model?
  2. What do you consider your breakthrough moment as far as when you became really successful as a cam model?
  3. What advice would you give to other cam modeling professionals?
  4. What are your current goals?
  5. What trends or changes do you see taking place in the cams industry?

Sharing as much information as you can about yourself and your goals helps us get the message out.

Again congratulations to the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards Winners!  A few of the categories that attracted the most voting this year were, ‘Top Cam Girl 2017’ in which LiviaChoice at ImLive took home this honor. As far as platforms, LiveJasmin was voted, ‘Best Adult Cams Site for 2017‘. Find the complete winners list here.

Adult Webcam Sites Ranked by Speed (Load Time)

Curious which adult webcams sites load the fastest for the volume of content they deliver? We were too, so we tested them all using a popular tool then ranked the most popular adult cam sites by speed and performance according to a popular tool. Check it out. There’s no bias here. Fair and square, these were the results of our tests as shared below. Look closely though as some sites rendered faster but scored lower than others.

Fastest Loading Adult Webcams Sites

We tested all the top adult webcams site to see which loaded the fastest.

Again we took a short list of what are universally considered the 7 top live webcams sites for adults and applied the same test to each. We based the test from Dallas Texas in the United States and used Pingdom speed testing tool.

  1. The winner for fastest loading adult webcams site was StripChat. The next on the list of quick loading cam sites was Streamate. In 3rd place LiveJasmin is another sex cams site that loads super fast!
Stripchat Load Times – Try  – Fastest Loading Adult Webcam Site!
Streamate Load Time – Try
LiveJasmin Load Times – Try LiveJasmin
Imlive Load Times – Try
BongaCams Load Times – Try
Chaturbate Load Times – Try Load Times – Try

Lastly we tested our own site, Adult Webcam News and apparently our site is slower than all of these adult webcams sites. The takeaway is clear; as much as the popular cam sites have on the line all of these top adult webcams destinations are keeping a very close eye on site load times and performance based on volume of content on page. Likewise all the top live webcam chat sites are in fact loading quite quickly. In general, the differences were very minimal. Speed of site and load times, for those that do no know is an important ranking factor for all websites including adult webcams sites. Moreover, when you rank higher over time you get more organic traffic as a general rule. 

Here are the links to try each of these 7 fast loading adult webcams sites. Also keep in mind that speed is even more important in choosing a site to use from your mobile device.

Disclaimer: I do think depending on hosting location there will be differences in render time. Likewise I also think if the enter or exit page were removed from all sites it would have made a small difference as not all sites have that page.

CamSoda Adds New Features & Performers

Adult Webcam platform has recently added some new features to their site. For those who are not yet familiar with this freemium live adult cams platform; CamSoda is owned by the same entity that owns GlobalPersonalsMedia, a company which operates popular dating sites,,,,, and

According to the sites blog, the new features at are live virtual reality cam shows and fuckbot shows where the viewers can control the action. CamSoda is also one of the only cam sites which features a live voyeur house where viewers can choose rooms to watch live action.

CamSoda Recently Industroced Some New Features
CamSoda Recently Industroced Some New Features

CamSoda one of the more recently launched adult webcams sites had had some major successes in attracting mainstream media coverage for the CamSoda brand over the past year. BuzzFeed, Maxim, BroBible, Fortune Magazine, and Huffington Post are just 5 of more than 40 widely read news and entertainment sites that have ran stories about either their JerkShirt® promo product or the CamSoda site itself.

CamSoda labs, a CamSoda marketing and PR blog is behind this effort. JerkShirt® is a fully prosthetic arm that lets guys jack off in public without being detected by others.  No word on how the sales of JerkShirt® are going. However, weve clearly noticed an uptick in the volume of adult webcam performers online at

Moreover based on the emails that users get from each day it seems that this still relatively new cam site is focused on showcasing some of the biggest names in adult entertainment as well as making it easy for fans to find out when they can watch live shows from these adult entertainment stars.

Here is an example of the emails that users get daily with the schedule: (This is the show schedule for 7/20/2016) Schedule

Over the course of past few months we have noticed more than 40 of the top adult entertainment stars have been showcased at CamSoda including none other than Alexis Texas who is signing free for fans at this years Adult Webcam Conference in Las Vegas January 14-15th. Likewise performers of are now eligible for nominations in the 2017 Adult Webcam Awards as this platform has been added to the list of AWA eligible sites.

The CamSoda adult webcams platform is are currently giving away 200 free CamSoda token with no obligation for everyonee to try the site. Claim your free CamSoda tokens and give it a try.